Ultimate Body Hype

Location:Work from home

Target Markets: Other

Business Model: Commission-based / Sales leads provided

Commission: You will receive either £25 per sale or £80 depending on which package you sell.

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

I am looking for a salesperson to join my company. My name is Jared and i am the owner of a online fitness coaching business. I am looking to grow and expand the business. Therefore I need to build a team of people to help. For this role you need to be comfortable selling a low ticket fitness package.

Currently I have been doing the sales, however, I want to increase my conversion rate and focus on the coaching.

I currently get my leads from Bark website, this has proved very effective as many people are in the Hot Lead category and ready to buy.

To start, you will be expected to contact about 180 leads in a month, as soon as they come through or at an appropriate time.

You will then be expected to follow all leads up at least 15 times at different times to try and reach them. If you have an effective strategy, I am open to hearing it.

This is not for someone who wants to read from a script!

Payment is negotiable. It can either be a set amount each month or a basic wage and commission for every sign up.

Please message for further details.

Employment Type


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Online Fitness Coaching Packages

Standard with limited access to coach

Premium With regular coaching and mentoring session


Target market

The current target market is women between the age of 18-39 who want to transform their body.

Currently I have at least 2-3 warm leads coming each day to be sold on. Once I have a good salesperson this number can increase.

Ideal Profile

I am looking for someone who has an interest in health and fitness and can show empathy to the potential clients but also firmly show them that this package is the way for them. I am looking for someone who is hardworking and diligent.