Company name: SHAIDE

Location: Ireland

Industry: Software & Applications

Commission: 4 different options

Deal Size: N/A

Modern Customised Marketing Campaigns

An opportunity for Online Sellers – Sales Agents – Telemarketers to earn commission selling the benefits of modern, customised marketing campaigns to businesses currently using old fashioned, physical advertising.

Cost-effective services and a simple, persuasive sales message make this an ideal sales offer for sales partners, in all sales channels, with contacts and customers in businesses of all sizes.

SHAIDE is a new player in the online marketing sector, we are packed with experience, skilled in using the latest marketing tools and techniques, and already driving new customers to our clients using online marketing to replace offline advertising.

We are now looking for self-employed sales agents in all sales channels to join us. Whether you are working from home, want a new income stream for an existing business, or you’re a sales agent selling B2B services face to face, our simple service packages and sales offer will allow you to earn regular commission.


SHAIDE specialise in helping businesses move from physical offline advertising, where advertisers gamble their money on target customer groups seeing their ad, to online marketing campaigns that are precisely targeted at desired audiences.

Using online marketing tools, we can specifically pinpoint ideal audiences and target demographic groups such as: Age, Gender, Interests, Education, Industry of Work, Relationship Status and even Household Income. This precise targeting makes our services cost-effective, compared to physical advertising, as all marketing is aimed only at potential customers, which reduces waste and boosts the effectiveness of the services.

Sales agents will also be able to offer their customers accurate reporting on their campaigns, so they know who is seeing their adverts and exactly where their budgets are being spent.

The next step for SHAIDE is to find sales partners to join with us and drive growth while earning substantial commission payments. Professional agents contacting advertisers directly, face to face, online, or by telephone, will lead to potential clients feeling more comfortable with the business and build trusting relationships based on the SHAIDE ethos.

You can see more about SHAIDE by visiting our website at www.shaidelocal.com or request a full information workbook by contacting via email.

Ideal Profile

The SHAIDE services, and the sales message of replacing physical adverts with modern online marketing, have already proven successful.

We currently have an Executive option in development and will be in operation late January.

The services you will be selling

SHAIDE offers 4 services under 2 categories – General and Executive.

General Month – Paid Monthly @ £373
General Year – Paid Yearly @ £3730
Executive Month – Paid Monthly
Executive Year – Paid Yearly
Commission Rates

General Month – £100.71 (27%) Every Month client renews or makes a purchase

General Year – £708.70 (19%) For final and full Year sale

Executive commissions will be available soon – Expect to see the Yearly commission at over £1200

Once this option is available we will also offer £400 commission for closing deals with clients that have already expressed an interest in our services – We will connect you directly with them.

The sales agent’s role is, to convert businesses in the target market to use SHAIDE and create a distinct, cost-effective and precise means of advertising, compared to their current physical advertising which is extremely limited in comparison.

Orders will be taken either directly through an order form that will be provided or linked to the client digitally where they can submit the advert themselves. As customer service is at the forefront of the SHAIDE brand, assistance will always be on hand.

The services and the sales message are so simple that formal training is not required. The business supplies digital sales presenters, documentation, and all information needed to conduct a sale. We are also on hand to assist with any queries.

To contact SHAIDE and find out more about becoming a sales partner, use the ‘Start Dialogue’ button below and attach your CV or tell us about your sales experience and network of contacts.