Company name: PROUD TO BE GREEN

Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: N/A

Commission: 66% initial, up to 30% renewal

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: B2B sales



An organisation established to green-up the businesses sector across the land, put simply, our mission is to provide encouragement and support through our green scheme and services. What’s great for our sales agents is that because there are over 5.7 million businesses out there, and also because our packages apply to literally any organisation in the UK, the potential for earnings is unlimited.

If you are environmentally-minded, you can also do something fantastic for our planet each and every working day, the more businesses we get to green-up, the more we’ve done as an organisation to bring about change for the better! If you’ve tried selling accountancy services or advertising for instance, you’ll know what dreary, hard work this is. However, conversations our agents have with companies are fantastic because many businesses are already attempting to reduce waste and energy usage. If they achieve this, they also save money, but what’s fantastic is that companies can achieve much greater levels of business by showing consumer that they’re a green company - this is exactly where Proud to be Green steps in, helping companies clearly communicate their green credentials to consumers. The environment/planet is THE topic of concern now, business people really do want to discuss this important subject, they also are aware of the major surge in eco/green spending that’s occurring.


Our products enable businesses and organisations to clearly convey their green credentials, it’s simple and extremely powerful. Our memberships scheme is keenly priced to ensure that cost is not a barrier for any business wishing to participate. Within our packages we provide a range of options, with the ability to also be included in our green directory as well as receive social media and website marketing posts. We also have an accreditation scheme for larger companies and corporates, where they wish to prove to shareholders/customers/public, that they really are green – through our evidence-based accreditation award.

See our packages: www.proudtobegreen.org/membership/

Target Market

Literally any business and organisation in the UK/Ireland that wish to show the public and consumers that they’re being green-minded and acting.

Why get out of bed

Because if you’re a canny sales person, you don’t wish to proverbially ‘flog a dead horse’, it’s going to get you nowhere. Our scheme has great attraction for businesses, so is an easy sale. But, we also need you so that we can build long-term relationships with our business clients – because once companies have embedded their Proud to be Green profile page into their website, they’re likely to become long-term customers. To reflect this, our renewal commission is 30% for agents with 500 clients or more (starting at 18% and rapidly ramping up).

The company behind it

Nigel Jones, the MD, has been running businesses in the publishing/marketing sector for over 25 years, with several magazines running continuously for a quarter of a century. He also owns a financial services business, and has a wealth of experience in the marketing and website sectors.

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