Company name: YULIO

Location: Ireland

Industry: Software & Applications

Commission: TBC

Deal Size: N/A

Virtual reality presentation tool for Architects and Designers

Yulio is the leading mobile virtual reality presentation tool for Architects, Interior Designers, and Office Furniture professionals.

Already proven in North America, you can be in at the start of the UK sales campaign.

Incredibly easy to use with frictionless integration for your clients.

A super-competitive price-point.

Plus, many more sales benefits that potential clients will want to see, full training and support, and an excellent commission scheme offering substantial rewards for experienced sales agents or agencies.


Based in Toronto, Canada, we have an established presence in the North American market and our client base has grown to include many leading global organisations. With 4 years invested in development, and 1,000s of hours researching our target market, we fully understand our client’s needs and have made Yulio compatible with the tools that architects and designers already use.

What we are offering our sales partners is a proven product that has already been readily accepted by the target market in North America. We now want to connect with potential sales partners that want to be part of the next step for the UK architecture and design sector.


Virtual Reality is poised to transform architecture, design, real estate, and furniture sales, and potential clients are eager to talk about Yulio as they don’t want to get left behind. Virtual reality technology will transform all aspects of the client engagement experience in these disciplines and can offer a competitive advantage to companies that embrace this new ‘story telling’ medium.

Our web-based platform means clients can show off their work on any web-enabled device, including a laptop or tablet, a VR headset, and even a phone. They can present to clients in the same room, to colleagues down the street, or to prospects on the other side of the world.

Clients will welcome discussing Yulio with our trusted partners, as interest in Virtual Reality within the A&D community is currently at a very high level, with clients anxious to know more about what it can do for their business.

You can see more about Yulio on our Product Tour: www.yulio.com/product-tour

Ideal Profile

We are excited to be expanding into the U.K. market during 2019 and beyond and are looking for successful sales agencies/organisation to work with us. The ideal sales partners will have a proven track record of long-term partnerships with other manufacturers and an established U.K. client base within the target market areas.

Sales partners should be technology savvy but not necessarily technology centric, because we understand that our target market is primarily driven by relationships and trust, not technology or product.

We are looking for partnerships with individuals or companies that understand the importance of creating long-term value. If you think that representing a leading-edge software solution is both appealing and exciting, then we’d like to talk to you.

We provide a full and ongoing program that includes training, marketing and technical support. Sales partners will have a guaranteed territory and a generous multi-year, royalty on recurring subscription sales. This could be a winning addition to your current solution portfolio and can offer you monthly financial rewards while enhancing your reputation as a valuable client partner.

See more information on the benefits of becoming a sales partner with Yulio in our Agents Brochure here: YULIO_Reseller_Benefits_2019 (pdf).

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity and becoming a trusted sales partner, then please contact us using the ‘Start Dialogue’ button below.