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KARIM Tanneries exemplify the best in technological and innovative excellence in leather production. Incorporated in 1964. We are specialized in producing excellent varieties in full Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather of GOAT & SHEEP and enjoying high production capacity per month.

Karim Tanneries is ranked amongst the most modern production units of Pakistan. The Tannery is being run by highly qualified technicians with the latest and most advanced technologies (mainly Japanese), which is regarded the world over.

Strict quality control is one of the company’s most important principles. Being ISO 9001 ‘certified assures this quality control and certification for ISO 14001. The Tannery is one of the leading Vegetable tanned leather exporting tanneries of Pakistan. The firm has consistently won several export awards and has been a leader in its field since inception.

Through time, our business has gradually broadened towards the various countries world-wide such as Japan, China, India, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and many other countries around the world.

The company places maximum emphasis on product quality, product innovation with the best processing facilities, and run SAP for inventory & management controls. We also have developed quality standardization and remarkable service level to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Article: Natural Vegetable Tanned Goat Skins:

1.Size range: 5 to 7 sq. ft
Average: 6 to 6.5 sq. ft
Substance: 0.8 mm and up
Selection: TR-1 (I/II/III/IV)
Price: USD.1.50/sq. ft
Selection: TR-2 (V/VI/VII)
Price: USD.1.20/sq. ft

2.Size range: 6 to 9 sq. ft
Average: 7.5 to 8 sq. ft
Substance: 0.9 mm and up
Selection: TR-1 (I/II/III/IV)
Price: USD.1.65/sq. ft
Selection: TR-2 (V/VI/VII)
Price: USD.1.30/sq. ft

3.Size range: 8 to 12 sq. ft
Average: 10 sq. ft
Substance: 1.0 mm and up
Selection: TR-1 (I/II/III/IV)
Price: USD.1.90/sq. ft
Selection: TR-2 (V/VI/VII)
Price: USD.1.40/sq. ft

Article: Natural Vegetable Tanned Sheep Skins

1.Size range: 4 to 7 sq. ft
Average: 6 to 6.5 sq. ft
Substance: 0.7 mm and up
Selection: TR-1 (I/II/III/IV)
Price: USD.2.00/sq. ft
Selection: TR-2 (V/VI/VII)
Price: USD.1.45/sq. ft

2.Size range: 6 to 10 sq. ft
Average: 8 sq. ft
Substance: 0.9 mm and up
Selection: TR-1 (I/II/III/IV)
Price: USD.1.80/sq. ft
Selection:TR-2 (V/VI/VII)
Price: USD.1.40/sq. ft

-All the prices are CNF by Sea. in addition, prices may change accordingly customer requirements for any other size ranges or below TR selections. 


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