Bee Sting Cosmetics

Target Markets: Beauty & Wellness

Business Model: Commission-based / Exclusive region

Commission: Commissions based on total sales 10-25% negotiable based on business acquisition

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Bee Sting Cosmetics is a luxury skincare brand that uses natures’ hidden secrets to produce products that restore, rejuvenate and protect natural beauty. 

Bee Sting Cosmetics was founded in 2019 by two doctors with a desire to create luxury skincare products that are inspired by nature’s own innovations. For a long time we have had to choose between limited results and cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired results. Svetlovir has changed this by harnessing the benefits of Northern Macedonian Bee venom and combining it with other natural ingredients to restore your skin to its natural best. 

We take pride in our ability to fuse natural ethical products with luxury and most importantly effective products. Our aim is ambitious and our team is bold, we are here to disrupt the skincare market with our unique product offering. 



BSC represents a luxury skincare brand with a unique market position. Customers are more conscientious than ever, the products they buy make a statement about who they are. We have developed a range of ethically sourced, effective products which allows you to feel your absolute best. With Svetlovir, consumers can take heart in knowing they have the best that science and nature has to offer.

Our products

Bee Sting Cosmetics introduces Svetlovir Bee Venom skincare range

Bee venom is the fulcrum of our skincare range, the medicinal power of Bee Venom has long been known and has been used for centuries. BSC have rediscovered this miraculous natural ingredient and applied it to our products. Bee Venom  enhances the condition of skin in many ways. By inhibiting the impact of enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases, which are produced by overexposure to the sun among other factors, it is able to maintain elastin fibres. Reducing these enzymes leads to firmer, radiant skin which glows. In addition bee venom can stimulate the production of collagen which returns skin to its youthful, firm best. Indeed studies show  clinical and statistically significant reduction in wrinkles over 8-12 weeks use and increased efficacy on sun damaged skin.

Bee Venom Pain Balm

For fast acting muscular and rheumatoid pain relief you need look no further than our pain balm. The synergy of antioxidants, antiseptic and the restorative benefits of bee venom come together to boost blood circulation and provide muscle relief. 

Bee Venom Night Cream

Restore your skin’s natural firmness, balanced tone and anti-ageing properties with this night cream. This product targets the signs of ageing including wrinkles with a cream which is as feather like as it is effective. Fine lines and wrinkles fade away while you sleep, wake up with skin that is so rejuvenated, it glows.

Bee Venom Day Cream

A moisturizer that combats the ageing process with a bee venom extract. This cream replenishes skin leaving it radiant, smooth and glowing. This cream made from our carefully selected tranquilising ointments and all-natural ingredients, enhance the effectiveness of the bee venom extract which improves the health of your skin. 

Target market

Bee Sting Cosmetics believes that your skin tells your story and so our target market are those that cherish their skin and will invest in the story it tells. The luxury skincare market is heavily focused on anti-ageing and returning to your youth, Bee Sting Cosmetics enters the market from a disruptive position of using natures innovation to allow your skin to tell your story in the best  possible way.

Our target audience is a premium skincare user who understands the importance of quality ingredients and effective products. We have created a product that is undoubtedly premium but is accessible to those that value the health of their skin. Traditionally this type of product was very much a female dominated market, however, this is no longer the case and our pain balm underlines the appeal of our range to the male market. Equally, luxury skin care was once the territory of mature buyers with disposable income, however, we have seen a move to younger people having facial aesthetic treatments and investing in preventative treatments. This, we believe broadens the appeal of our ‘natural botox’ bee venom active ingredient.

From a business to business perspective, we are keen to work with retailers and outlets interested in quality products that add value to their premium skincare offerings. This is an important area of growth for BSC and there is scope to create unique packages for the right clients, this will require creativity and expertise on the part of our own business development and acquisition team.

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Ideal Profile

Bee Sting Cosmetics believe in innovation and making the best of your natural attributes, we apply this to our product line and look for the same in our team members. We are looking for an innovative, enthusiastic and resourceful individual to join our team. Our directors believe strongly in allowing the team to drive success and give space for this, therefore the successful candidate will need to be self-motivated and willing to create and maximise opportunities.

The successful candidate will ideally have experience in the beauty industry, however, this is not essential if the desired attributes are demonstrated. A strong B2B sales background is preferred and business development/strategic business development experience is highly desirable for this role. There is an exciting opportunity for the successful candidate to create and develop business development strategy within the company with potential for progression within the role and company structure. For the correct candidate this represents a role that will give superb opportunities for professional growth as well as the freedom to create sales and business development strategies with the executive team.