Location: Midlands

Target Markets: Gifts & Crafts

Business Model: Commission-based / Sales leads provided

Commission: £50-150 a day

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Sales excecutive

Atoma Union is a Youth oriented business where we aim to solve social issues such as knife crime and teen mental health issues by bringing the youth of Birmingham together through free courses, workshops and events for free. The way we fund for these courses and workshops is by selling magazines to people on the street. So not only are we tackling a big social issue we are also making money from it. Where the average earner gets £50-£150 a day.


Magazines that talk about the free courses and workshops we offer to the youth to get them off the streets. Moreover it talks about our success with the you and their work experience with us.


General public that seems to be interested in tackling knife crime. Which is usually the majority of the public as everyone has been affected or heard of the problems knife crime cause in the UK.

Ideal Profile

Young, driven candidates looking for a bubbly environment to put their sales skills to the test. We are looking for competitive young adults who are sports-minded and confident enough to approach people.