Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Facilities Management

Business Model: Commission-based / Exclusive region / Sales leads provided

Commission: Starting at 15% Commission plus on-target bonuses

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer)

Sales Agents To Promote Our Range Of Ozone Sanitisation Equipment to UK Businesses

Envirusafe provides a small range of British Made ozone generators to businesses across the UK. 

Ozone is proven to destroy the coronavirus and can even be used to effectively disinfect PPE equipment that is being reused in a fast and safe way. *

Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant known to man and yet few people know about it.

Ozone is a gas that is heaver than air and will sanitise and disinfect the air and all objects and surfaces that it touches.

It is made up of 3 oxygen molecules and any unused ozone reverts to oxygen, leaving NO toxic residue or any form of contamination making it totally safe to use in hospitals, operating theatres and food processing and storage areas.

Our units can help by introducing an additional layer of protection to care homes, offices, factories, conference centres, shops, communal areas and any other business where people are congregating.

More information can be found on our website www.EnVIRUSafe.co.uk

Supporting Material

Ozone: A Potential Oxidant for COVID-19 Virus      

Ozone gas found to neutralise coronavirus

Low-cost sterilization units combat N95 shortage, help businesses

Ozone gas can provide a safe means to disinfect personal protective equipment


Ozone Sanitising Units

We sell 2 basic types of units – All manufactured in the UK

Trickle treatment – These units can be used 24/7 in communal and high traffic areas like toilets, washrooms, conference and meeting rooms. They produce low level of ozone and provide ongoing protection.

Shock Treatment – These units produce high levels of ozone and are good for treating larger areas and can be used as part of the cleaning regime. Treating a hotel room or caravan before the next guest, to sanitise a bus, train or taxi periodically or disinfect the air and surfaces in a bar or restaurant at the end of a shift.


We Are Looking For

If you are a sales agent currently serving businesses in the Uk that relies on customer and clients visiting their premises or where people have to share workspaces, then we have the perfect product for you.

Any business that is looking to do everything it can to protect their staff and customers is a potential buyer but those that have a high number of customers passing through or where cleanliness is paramount.

The following are some of the business that are using our ozone generators as part of their cleaning regime to help sanitise and disinfect their premises.

  • Care Homes and Medical Centres
  • Bus, Coach and Taxi Companies
  • School, Colleges, Universities
  • Day Care Centres and Nurseries
  • Services Offices – Conference Centres and Meeting Rooms
  • Shops, Bars and Restaurants
  • Hotels, AirBnb, Campsites and Caravan Parks
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  • Alternative Therapy and Treatment Rooms
  • Toilets, Washrooms Shower and Changing Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms, Reception Areas, Communal kitchens, Dining & Rest Areas.


We Are Looking For Self Motivated, Experienced Sales Agents With an Existing Customer Base

We are looking for motivated people to join our team to work with us in promoting the many benefits of ozone.

  • We are happy to work with agents that would like to add our products to their existing range.
  • We will provide full training about the benefits of ozone, the safe use of ozone and our range of products.
  • We will provide full technical support

This is virtually an untapped market and the opportunity is huge.

You do not need to have a technical background as we provide all relevant training to the end user to ensure safe use of our products.