Company name: POSTGOL

Location: UK - Nationwide

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All Sport Clubs, Centres, and Players Will Want It

A unique product aimed at sports centres, professional and amateur sports clubs, and anywhere that sport is played.

PostGol lets players watch their game in Full HD, analyse their performance, record their best highlights, and share and discuss on social media.

An opportunity for sales agents to be amongst the first in the UK to offer a product that will boost membership and user numbers for clubs, centres, and organisations.

Excellent commission earnings and the opportunity to sell Postgol on a free trial so customers can see the benefits and potential returns.


The PostGol technology is every sports player’s dream. Players and teams can see their games and best highlights in full HD and feel like a professional star.

The PostGol kit records automatically the games in Full HD, analyse Players physical statistics, create highlights and share them on social networks. The game and the personal highlights can be viewed on social media, analysed by the players and the team, and online social groups are formed, which will all boost the popularity of the sports centre or club that has PostGol available.

Ideal for any sport: football, tennis, basket, golf, racket sports, lacrosse, rugby and all other sports, giving sales agents a huge target market to approach.

PostGol records your amateur and professional matches and games using smart software that does all the editing live and automatically. The technology is composed of 2 Full HD cameras installed behind the goals, or other suitable positions. 1 outdoor microphone and 1 outdoor interactive screen to register and activate the cameras. When the video of the game is online (within 24hs) players receive an email and from the whole game they can create 15 sec video highlights of their goals, flops, tricks, kicks, and best moves.

Our technology is internationally patented in 146 countries.

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Sports Centres, Clubs and Organisations are offered a 30 days Free Trial to see the benefits for themselves and gain feedback from teams and players. They can then decide whether they want to purchase PostGol. This is a great selling tool for sales agents, as once players have used the system, formed online groups, and seen themselves in action, they will not want it taken away.

The PostGol technology is easily affordable and clubs will gain a return on their investment through an increase in numbers of players, facilities users, and customers, plus the free publicity online where games are viewed. See more details and a video of PostGol in action at: www.PostGol.com

Ideal Profile

PostGol is looking for sales agents across the UK to sell the PostGol technology system to sports centres and all types of sports clubs and organisations, both amateur and professional.

The target market includes sports centres, amateur and professional sport clubs, and anywhere sports are played: football, tennis, rugby, basketball, golf, racket sports, lacrosse, and all other sports.

Sales agents will have the opportunity to earn substantial commission with this unique product that has many benefits for the sports clubs and organisations that use PostGol. To be one of the first sales people in the UK to be able to offer PostGol to customers contact us using the Start Dialogue button below and include details of your sales experience or a CV, and your current sales activity.