Company name: LED UK

Location: Ireland

Industry: Electronics

Commission: 10%

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face

LED-Lighting to B2B Customers

Earn significant commission making business clients smile by saving them 60% to 80% on their energy bills.

LED-UK Lighting Ltd is seeking sales agents in the South East of the UK that are bright, motivated, and professional, to introduce our service to potential business clients.

A huge target market across a wide range of sectors means you will never run out of sales prospects.

Sell a service with an effective sales message and clear benefits that potential clients will want.


Based in the South East of the UK, LED-UK Lighting Ltd are specialists in the design, development and marketing of new technologies. We help our clients save money by substantially reducing their utility costs and provide additional benefits of tax benefits and impressive green credentials through carbon reduction.


The target market includes private, public, and commercial premises across a wide range of sectors:

Retail outlets
Industrial units
Showrooms of any size
Schools and universities
Public buildings: Museums, art galleries
A massive range of sales opportunities for sales agents to target with the benefits of changing to LED lighting.

Ideal Profile

We are looking for a limited number of sales agents to cover the following postcodes: CT, DA, RM, SS, Part of BN, Part of TN, ME and RH.

The ideal agents will possess sales ability, excellent communication skills, and a professional attitude and appearance. Experience of sales to decision makers in similar sectors is desirable and full product training will be provided.

Agents earn 10% commission on sales, which with an average sale value of £4000 gives great earning potential.

Do you fit the bill? Can you turn the light bulb on and help make our clients smile?

Agent places are limited and are always in demand, so if you match the requirements take the next step.

Talk to Led-UK Lighting by using the ‘Start Dialogue’ button below or call Nick Shrager on 0203 290 6168 (after 12.00 noon) and include an overview of your relevant experience or current sales activity.

As a sales agent for Led-UK Lighting Ltd, your sales message to potential business clients will be:

‘You can save from 60% to 80% on your energy bill, reduce your carbon emissions, and get a fast return on your investment by upgrading your lighting system to LED.’

Led-UK Lighting Ltd. is a business to business company which saves money for clients by replacing dated lighting systems with energy efficient LED lighting. The service also offers environmental benefits and tax advantages. Our agents help and advise clients on the funding options available to them, which include grants and/or financing to help generate savings quicker.