ECN Digital Development

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Business Services

Benefits: Recurring commission | Sales leads provided

Commission: 20%

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Our Software helps businesses get 1000s of Leads in Minutes! Our all-in-one marketing suite is filled with products that help companies generate a huge amount of local, national, or international B2B leads with targeted emails for the decision-makers within the company so they don’t need to try their luck with a generic email, they can also send emails campaigns, find company phone numbers, create chatbots, find social media contacts and more, all in one place.


Our Full Package includes:

-Business Info, Email, Phone & Social Media Extractor From A List Of Websites – The enrichment tool is used to build a target list of companies based on location, size industry ect. Upload a list of domains and extracts emails, social media URLs, and usernames (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), phone numbers on all pages of each website. A report is available to download as Excel once all the emails are extracted.

-Find Emails From First Name, Last Name And Company Name – This tool is used to find contact information with just the first name, last name, and company name (or domain) of the person you are trying to find. Once you upload the data, the tool will try to find the email of each contact from the email format (for example, [email protected]).

-Chatbot Solution To Capture And Convert Visitors Into Leads – This tool allows automatically chat with your visitors and capture data from them without having to have staff on hand. Your Chatbot can collect lead information such as email, mobile number, and Company name, and help guide them to the right place.

-Daily Registered Domains With Leads Information – Daily dump of all domains created on the Internet- Our customers will get around +100K leads of new domains created each day with location, phone numbers, emails, domains, registered date, and more. It’s perfect for capturing new companies created on the Internet and generating new leads from it by selling SEO, marketing or content creation services etc.

-Online Review Management To Get More Online Reviews- lets our customers Install a simple widget on our clients websites to encourage their visitors to leave a review about their website. It’s perfect for any business to increase its credibility. It works with Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. This technology helps to increase real organic reviews by driving visitors to the review page.

-Sales Sequence (Cadence) / Newsletter Campaigns With Unlimited Emails To Send – A simple software to let our users create email or sequence campaigns so they can market their product or services to their newly found leads. They can track opens, clicks, bounce rate, unsubscribe count and replies.

-Social Proof Notification Widget To Increase Credibility On Our Customers Website – Our users can generate and display notifications on their website by installing a widget to show random messages to their visitors. This will increase their sales and credibility.

Extract B2B Emails From B2B Social Media And Build Targeted Lists – This tool allows our users to Extract emails and contacts from B2B social media (linkedin) and helps them find new leads in one click and create targeted lists. Our system will help them to find leads based on job title, location, country, industry, and company size.

Company Data Software To Find New Leads (Emails, Phone Numbers, URLs, Ect.) – Our users can find companies by industry and location then harvest leads from a list of companies or domains in the search. This software is perfect for B2B companies, Sales and Growth Hackers. The best software on the market to find B2B leads.


Pricing Strategy

Monthly Packages: Starter – price £60 –

Pro – price £120 –

Business – price £250

Business+ – price £500

Enterprise – price £750

Unlimited – price £2250

Annually packages:

Starter – price £660

Pro – Price – £1320

Business – price £2812.50

Business+ – price £5750

Enterprise – price £8625

Unlimited – price £25875


  • Recurring commission

    Agents can build up reoccurring commission for as long as the lead uses the software.

  • Sales leads provided

    A list of prospects will be provided with contact numbers.

Target market

The Target Market

Starter package target market:

marketing agencies 1-25 employees,

SAAS companies – 1-100 employees,

Accountancy firm – 1-100 employees,

Business equipment suppliers 25-250 employees,

Graphics Design 1-50 employees,

Industrial automation 25-100 employees,

Professional training and coaching 10-50 employees,

Wholesaler 50-100 employees,

Outsourcing 1-25 employees,

Pro package target market:

marketing agencies 25 – 100 employees,

SAAS companies – 50-250 employees,

Accountancy firm – 50-250 employees,

Business equipment suppliers 250-500 employees,

Graphics Design 50-200 employees,

Industrial Automation 100+ employees,

Professional training and coaching 50+ employees,

Banks 10-100 employees,

Outsourcing 25-100 employees,

Business package target market:

Marketing Agencies 50-250 employees,

Data list sellers 1-25 employees,

Growth Hackers 1-25 employees,

Graphics Design 200+ employees,

Business equipment suppliers 500+ employees,

Banks 100-250 employees,

Outsourcing 100-250 employees,

Accountancy firm 250-500 employees,

Business+ package target market:

Marketing Agencies 250-500 employees,

Data list sellers 25 – 50 employees,

Growths Hackers 25 – 50 employees,

Banks 250-1000 employees,

Outsourcing 250+ employees,

Accountancy 500-1000 employees,

Enterprise package target market:

Marketing Agencies 500-1000 employees,

Data list sellers 50-100 employees,

Growth Hackers 50-100 employees,

Banks 1000+ employees,

Accountancy 1000+ employees,

Unlimited package target market:

Data list sellers – 100+ employees,

Marketing agency – 1000+ employees

Growth Hackers – 100+ employees,

This opportunity has expired

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Ideal Profile

High Commission rate and high ticket items with a reoccurring commission rate is 20% which will earn you between £12 up to £450 per sale a month or for annual plans you can get between £132 to £5,175 a year per sale for as long as the customer uses out software.


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