Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Other

Benefits: Excellent commission terms | First sale bonus

Commission: 10% for project up to £5k. 20% on projects over £5k

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer)

I am a professional website designer + developer from the UK, with over 15 years experience. I have created websites for huge companies including Microsoft, Ticketmaster, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Eurovision Song Contest and others. I can design and code a website from start to finish. You can see some of my work at


I create stunning websites that convert. I can create a website from start to finish, from initial wire-framing, through the design phase and into development in WordPress. All the websites I create are highly customised, optimised for search engines and unique to each business. I create a completely custom website design, then hand-code that design into WordPress as a custom theme.


  • Excellent commission terms

    I am paying a decent percentage commission on large projects. If you can provide me with leads that convert into sales, you could be earning £1000's per month based on my commission offer.

  • First sale bonus

    I am willing to pay an additional £500 bonus for the first lead provided that converts into a sale, if it's over £5k. Therefore the first lead provided would be at least £1500 commission if the project was over £5000. If the project is under £5k, I would pay an additional £250 bonus on the first lead that converts to a sale.

Target market

I need to speak to high level execs or business owners who have a healthy budget for a new website, and are actively looking to start their project.

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Ideal Profile

I need a lead generator to put me in contact with business execs that are actively looking for a website design or redesign and ready to commit. They should have budgets over £3k. I can offer a competitive % commission for any leads provided that turn into paying clients. Looking for a long term deal with someone who can provide me with consistent leads, however I am also very interested in speaking to anyone who may only be able to provide 1 or 2 leads.

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