Company name: MUD MATE

Location: Ireland / UK - Nationwide

Industry: N/A

Commission: TBC

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face / Online Sales / Telesales

Mud Mate

Mud Mate is a new dynamic company set up to supply its new boot cleaning product to the UK market. We are a small family firm with a focus on product development and manufacture. We are now looking for sales agents to sell this new product into the vast range of target markets leaving us free to run the business.

This is a ground floor opportunity with huge earning potential for sales agents and the opportunity to get involved from the start. You can influence the direction of the sales and marketing strategy with feedback from customers and input into the way forward that will benefit both you and the Mud Mate business.

- Mud Mate cleans muddy boots, shoes, wellingtons, equipment, and all types of sports footwear.
- It’s small, portable, easy to use, and stops transfer of dirt and mud to cars, homes, and businesses.
- Prevents cross contamination and substances being spread by outdoor footwear.
- A product that will have mass appeal for the retail, sports, and outdoor sectors.
- Offers a range of benefits to agricultural, commercial, and hospitality industries.


Sales agents will be selling a product with a multitude of uses for the home, work, hobbies, sports and for a huge range of businesses and environmental and commercial sites. Wherever footwear gets dirty the Mud Mate is needed, giving sales agents a massive target market to approach.

This is a brand new concept in cleaning footwear including boots, shoes, wellingtons, workwear, and sports footwear. The Mud Mate is small, portable and can be used on site to clean footwear after use and prevent dirt and mud transfer and contamination. Great after a muddy walk to keep the car and house clean. After sports, so footwear is ready for the next game, and on commercial sites as part of good housekeeping and health and safety practice. Wherever footwear gets dirty there is a potential sales for Mud Mate.

Mud Mate is a trademarked and design registered product that has been designed to be both efficient at cleaning outdoor footwear but also offers an environmental benefit by utilising an empty plastic bottle as its water carrier.

Mud Mate:

- Lets you Wash, Scrub and Rinse all at the same time.
- Fits a huge range of disposable plastic bottles.
- Light, compact and convenient with a watertight storage box.


Anyone taking part in an outdoor activity will want a Mud Mate. From dog walkers to serious outdoor sports players, gardeners to ramblers. There are a multitude of uses for the Mud Mate in the home, garden, garage or workshop. Great for cars, motorbikes, bicycles, pushchairs, golf carts, wheelchairs and many more. This makes it a fantastic product for sales to retailers, distributors, and wholesalers, both online and from bricks and mortar outlets.

In the B2B sector, sales to commercial, environmental, and hospitality businesses offer a massive market. Building sites, farms and agriculture, and any sites where mud and dirt is present. Keep offices on commercial sites clean, sports clubs and bars free from mud, car and truck interiors spotless.

Mud Mate provides the perfect, portable way to prevent contamination and the spreading of unwanted substances on footwear. Ideal for vets, farmers, and all outdoor workers.

While reading this page you will have probably thought of plenty more uses for Mud Mate. Here are some of the target markets we have come up with:

- Mountain biking and road biking, off road motorcycling.
- Ecology bio security boot and equipment cleaning.
- Equestrian market, tack and footwear cleaning.
- Veterinary services, farriers, livestock handlers.
- Dog walking, camping, rambling, hillwalking.
- Football, rugby, running, walking and hiking.
- Dog walking, camping, rambling, hillwalking.
- Golfing shoes, trolleys and equipment.
- Garden tool and general cleaning.

Plus, general household and business cleaning and an endless list of uses giving sales agents one of the largest target markets of B2B customers and online and offline retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Ideal Profile

We are looking for sales agents throughout the UK and Ireland working in any of the many sectors in the Mud Mate target market. Agents can sell through any sales channel, face to face, online, or telephone. Ideally you will have an existing network of contacts that include decision makers and buyers, and you will be already active in a market where Mud Mate will be a welcomed.

Commission payments to be discussed.

We are also looking for sales agents, wholesalers, and distributors world-wide.

Whether you are sales specialist already selling to retailers, or working in one of the target sectors and selling B2B, the first step is to contact us using the Start Dialogue button below and include a CV or details of sales experience in a relevant sector, and your current sales activity.