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Deal Size:

£10000 - £100000

Sales type:

Face 2 Face

Sales Agent

Located in the Bavarian town of Nördlingen, Germany, Varta Storage specialises in customer-specific and standardised lithium-ion batteries. The sales agent opportunity is for batteries used for efficient energy storage in the domestic market.

The VARTA brand stands for 130 years of experience and innovative battery solutions. As a sales agent you will be working with a reliable partner that is at the leading edge of home renewable energy storage and the smart home revolution.

Opportunity Overview

Based on the innovative lithium-ion technology, Varta energy storage solutions are perfect for every home that has a renewable energy generation system. There is a suitable solution for all kinds and sizes of residential premises: an apartment, small dwelling or large house.

The energy storage systems are easily installed, and due to their modular design allow the storage capacity to vary according to the individual energy requirements. Should the energy consumption increase, additional battery modules can be purchased and retrofitted at any time.

The storage systems can be used with solar PV, heat pump, hot water solar systems, and most situations where renewable energy is generated.

Varta energy storage solutions help customers make the most efficient use of the energy their system generates and gives them a bigger return on their investment in alternative energy. Varta helps customers manage the differences between the generation of electricity through their system and the actual consumption of electricity in the household.

The Varta Storage online platform provides an overview of all current data, as well as convenient system monitoring and setup options via PC, app, smartphone or tablet.

Feed-in tariffs are changing – Customers will need the Varta Storage solution

One of the key benefits that influenced people to install solar PV systems and other renewable energy generation systems, was the money they received by selling energy to the power grid. This was guaranteed by the Feed-in Tariff but is now coming to an end.

The FiT scheme was established to provide payments to owners of small-scale renewable generators at a fixed rate per unit of electricity produced. Home owners bought renewable energy generation systems to make a profit selling energy to the grid for a high feed-in rate.

Feed-in rates have continued to drop and are now coming to an end. The benefits and return on investment of renewable energy generation will now come from using the energy produced in the home, saving money on energy bills. The Varta storage system is the key to achieving maximum efficiency when using the energy generated by storing the energy until it is required.

Ideal profile

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with experience in the solar PV sector.

The ability to present benefits of features to potential customers is more important than technical knowledge of the product. You should be able to use facts and numbers to show the benefits of the product and present this technical product at a level appropriate for the customer

Full product training will be provided, and technical support will be available at all stages of the sales process.

If you have experience in any of the target markets above and the sales skills to present this product professionally, send us your details using the ‘Start Dialogue’ button below and include a CV or details of related sales activity, and your location.

Target clients and regions

Varta Storage are now looking for sales agents across the UK to sell in to several target markets:

Installers of Solar PV and renewable energy generation systems.

Domestic customers with existing systems as Feed-in Tariffs are ending.

House builders fitting energy generation systems or hot water solar systems.

If you have direct experience in any of the above target markets, or relevant related sales experience, this opportunity could be just right for you.