Riley Scooters Limited

Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Business Services, Electronics, Manufacturing & Industry, Retail & FMCG, Software & Applications, Sport / Outdoor

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: To be negotiatied

Deal Size: £100 - £1000 / £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Riley Scooters

Electric Scooters have arrived in the UK and Riley Scooters are looking for sales agents to quickly take advantage of this new trend in personal transport and recreational pleasure and leisure.

We are looking for sales agents UK wide to work with us as we become the biggest E-scooter company in the UK.

You will be selling a products with a combination of technology and design, with safety features, a powerful motor, and detachable battery.

The Product – Electric Scooters

We are looking to launch our revolutionary e-scooters with the following features:

  • Ride fast and be in-control with three brakes; a hydraulic disc brake, E-ABS brake & pedal brake.
  • The powerful 350w motor – Long lasting Panasonic detachable Battery.
  • The first electric scooter with a detachable battery pack.
  • Lightweight Aviation grade Aluminium alloy frame.
  • Puncture resistant Tyres.
  • bright LED safety system.

Plus we sell a full range of scooter accessories.

A modern design with cutting edge technology to give customers a new and exciting travel option.

The target market

Sales agents will be selling into all outlets that have end user customers in the below target markets. From traditional bicycle shops, large stores, outdoor outlets, to motorcycle and the auto trade retailers.

Our end-user target market consists of Commuters and Leisure/Pleasure seekers.

Both sets of target users should be 16 and above, mainly living in urban areas with short-to-medium transport requirements.

Commuters will be travelling to a place of work and will use an e-scooter for part or the entirety of the journey. The electric scooter will replace their need for public transport, long walks, or private transport.

Both commuters and leisure users will share some or all of the following values:

Environmentally conscious and want to avoid overcrowded public transport, or may wish to take the e-scooter on public transport.

Looking to reduce the costs of private modes of transport. Desire an efficient, outdoor mode of transport and a cost and space effective alternative to a car or motorbike.

Users may also seek e-scooters to avoid large crowds and feel safer commuting due to post-COVID19 impacts.

There are also business prospects who require a cost and space efficient mode of transport for short distance deliveries, for example food delivery or parcel delivery services within urban areas.

All of these values, needs, and desires will be met by the e-scooter design.

Ideal Sales Agent Profile

The ideal sales agents will be outgoing, experienced sales people with the ability to identify potential prospects that serve the above target markets.

You will have the ability to sell at all levels, from small business owners and managers to decision makers in larger organisations.

We are offering an excellent commission package and looking to build long term relationships with professional agents.

Being able to quickly spot potential opportunities and start the sales cycle is essential to take advantage of this new, fashionable, in-demand product in the UK marketplace.

Contact us now by using the Apply Button below and include details of your current sales activity and why you will be a good fit for this opportunity.