Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Industry: Food & Drink, Manufacturing & Industry

Business Model: Commission-based / Recurring commission

Commission: TBA

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Revolutionary New Product in the Food Packaging Sector

Food packaging Portuguese and Spanish market leader Emba are looking for experienced sales agents in the UK to present their revolutionary new dry food packaging product to the UK markets.

This new packaging material is eco-friendly, sealable at low temperatures, and will replace plastic and paper reels. Many benefits for the manufacturers and processors at a price comparable with current materials used.

You can be the first in the UK to take this product to market and have your own exclusive sales area.

Emba is a company of excellence in the production of flexible packaging for food applications.

The company is certified to the most stringent food quality standards and has an environmental management policy in line with EU sustainability. Over 4 decades of experience in both domestic and international markets in the food packaging industry.

A company specialised in providing all types of printed paper reels and paper packaging  solutions.  As the current market leader in Portugal and Spanish, we are now looking to approach the UK markets through sales agents with knowledge and experience of the sector.

The products

Emba have created a breakthrough in food packaging technology; an eco‐friendly lacquered paper,

sealable  at  low  temperatures. This exceptional new product makes the packaging of dried  and  powder food easier for processors and manufacturers of sugar, rice, coffee, and many other products.

This new and improved packaging is the perfect substitute for plastic or regular paper reels. It can be provided at the same price as current products, and potential clients will want to see your presentation and the benefits.

This is a new product, with many benefits, and is produced by a market leader with over 4 decades of experience. You can be the first agent in the UK to be able to offer the new technology to your customers.

Target market

Emba products are aimed at the food packaging market and offer sales agents the very best and proven products with which to approach the market place.

EMBA have over 40 years of experience and can meet the requirements of all clients in the food packaging sector.

At EMBA we have strict ethical principles geared towards ensuring customer satisfaction, total respect for the environment, and for sustainable forest management.

Quality and food safety are the basis of our products. A rigorous selection of raw materials and the correct specification of packaging materials that we transform enable our customers to achieve high performance in their packaging lines while achieving ethical and environmental goals.

The Sales agent role

The sales opportunity in the UK is for freelance sales agents selling a compatible range of packaging solutions. The agent is expected to have an extensive network of customers and contacts in the food industry. These should include dry and powder foods packaging, and packing and trading companies.

The agent will have exclusivity in the agreed area and there is a 3% commission (negotiable) on these very high value sales orders.

Emba will support the agent with catalogues, pricelist, brochures etc. And provide training (if needed, travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by Emba)

If you have experience and a network of contacts in the UK food packaging marketplace this is the ideal sales opportunity for you. Please use the Apply Button below and send your CV or sales experience overview, plus information on your current sales activity, to Salesagents.uk who will pass on your details to the Emba recruitment team.