Refundable Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Retail & FMCG

Business Model: Commission-based / Exclusive region / Recurring commission

Commission: Up to £100 Commission on Refundable Life Insurance +1% Residual income for Apps

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

We are looking for 100 agents for an immediate start

Refundable / Shop Out to Help Out

Refundables flagship product is the UKs first and only fully refundable life insurance, it costs £25 per month, for 10 years, if the client dies the payout is £10,000 and if they survive the 10 year term they get all their premiums refunded.

We sell the insurance to ‘members’.  A member is a consumer that is enrolled in our cashback app – see cashback app explainer video above.

We also have a not for profit, called Shop Out to Help Out, the aim is to lobby the government to provide financial support small independent retailers with less than 10 staff.


We have two products for our Agents to sell.

  1. Our unique flagship 10 year Life cover where all the premiums are refunded at the end of the 10 year term if the policy holder survives the 10 years. This is new to the UK and is unique. This can be sold direct to friends, relatives, small business owners etc. of the age 18-60 employed or self employed. Up to £100 Commission is paid within 7 days of signing up the customer.

      2. We are looking for territory sales to upsell local High Street Retailers who have already completed our online form. Once that retailer is            onboard, you will visit all nearby retailers with the intention of signing them to the programme too.  Initially they will be joining our                    card linked loyalty platform (see video above). The opportunity for the retailer is ‘pay only on performance, marketing’, it is completely              risk free to them, if we don’t drive consumers, the retailer has no cost. This process substantially reduces the retailer’s advertising budget as he/she gives a discount upon purchase ensuring a positive cashflow.

The sign-up process is very simple, generally no more than 3 minutes to take the retailers required details. The retailer will offer a cashback amount (between 8.00% and 15.00%) to the customer upon checkout, we provide a detailed monthly invoice showing each customers checkout transactions (we pull the details directly from visa/mastercard/amex) and the cashback is taken from the retailer, monthly, by direct debit.  We then supply the cashback to the consumer via the app.

The Sales agent receives a 1% commission on every purchase that the app holder has made and a 1% commission for every signed up retailer’s sales to app holders. A residual income that will just continue to grow.

PLUS a cross selling opportunity for the refundable life cover as described in 1)


  1. For the Refundable Life insurance:- We are looking for Agents to contact consumers direct and any small or medium size business looking for a unique savings term of 10 years with a built in Life cover  of up to £10,000.
  2. For the discount App;- High street retailers and tradesmen, hair/beauty salons, gyms, sandwich shops, restaurants, fast food outlets, DIY shops, B&Bs, hotels, grocery shops, coffee shops, electricians, builders, plasterers, plumbers…. Any consumer to get the app for discount purchases from an apponted retailer.

Ideal Profile

We are looking to recruit 100 agents for an immediate start with a view to opportunities to become Regional Managers.

Full training pack supplied with software for signing up. Agents needs to provide their own tablets.

The agents should be self-motivated, hardworking individuals with the ability to visit our High Street retailers face-to-face.

We pay a commission per successful business upsell, we also pay a commission if the agent cross-sells our Refundable Life Insurance.

Up to £100 Commission on Refundable Life Insurance.

1% Residual income on all Retail Sales Apps and Customer Purchase apps.

A 100% cashback of all Life cover premiums paid if the policy holder survives the term of 10 years is a fantastic USP

We would expect good, solid candidates to be earning £30k+