Location: Work from home

Industry: Other

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: TBA

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Promoting growing international media company, looking for regular sponsors

My company is Mythos Media Productions Ltd. and we make science based podcasts for an international audience on 44 apps in 81 countries. We produce shows that talk about the brain and Psychology; we get world leading guests to talk not just about what they do but also how they did it. Over the last year we have released four seasons and will be increasing production to three full time shows in 2021.


We sell advertising space and sponsorships on our shows WaterCooler Neuroscience, A Brain Talking about Brains and Think Fast as well as four advertising spots on the websites and our social media pages on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram. We currently offer regular advertising spots on each show and the website for 16K per annum at the base level and £1K to 3K per episode sponsorship packages. Our company has a dedicated audience of those interested in the sciences and appreciate the work of high level professionals/researchers giving us niche access to this population for companies that don’t want to sell to a mass audience.


We want to sell to science communication companies, research companies, recruitment companies that focus on scientists, researchers and postgraduate qualification holders. We have had sponsorship deals in the past with universities, research councils, scientific communication groups and for profit research companies.

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Ideal Profile

Podcasting is a growth industry with high profit margins and access to international audiences. Our company is looking to arrange 4 yearly sponsorship deals with around 12-24 individual episode contracts. This opportunity provides experience in the scientific fields, media industry and offers high yield based on quantum marking models.