Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Industry: Beauty & Wellness

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 10 - 15% + Bonus Milestones

Deal Size: £100 - £1000 / Flexible

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer)

Product Sales Rep – up to 15% Commission + Bonus – Uncapped earnings potential

Sales opportunity for a new CBD oriented company that is looking to grow our B2C & B2B relations and want to build a close-knitted team that can help us achieve our ambitions while supporting the team to achieve theirs.


We are hoping to find Sales representatives that are highly self-motivated, target-oriented professionals and who like a challenge to sell our products through tele and social marketing within your social and business networks.

Base rate commission will be 10% expanding up to 15% of the total order value with bonuses released upon milestone completions.
The core product set is 9 products of CBD e-liquid that are made up of 3 flavours and 3 strength variants which are competitively priced compared to the market. The initial client base has revealed good reviews and a high-quality product that is easy to sell and promotes returning clients with great taste and lasting effects.

There are not any hard restrictions on the number of products available to sell and you will have free rein to sell the products within your networks freely. We would prefer UK based clients in both B2C & B2B scenarios but open to EU possibilities. The main restriction is around distribution costs so UK sales we can include postage for any order but EU sales will need a small postage charge on orders under £50 or local currency equivalent.

B2B Based Clients
For B2B orders, we can include postage for both UK and EU orders. Minimum order value is £500 & we would typically expect repeat custom 1 to 2 times per month. For B2B targeting we can offer up to 66.67% return on investment for your clients and we have developed a retail starter pack which gets all 9 product variants on the shelf and boasts a 61.29% ROI to aid you in getting the product through the door.
Due to the heavy wholesaling discount available, depending on the quantities ordered, we can only offer 10% commission but the typical monthly minimum order would be £500 per client and an average order gross total of £2300 per client.
If you found 20 B2B based clients who accepted the retail starter pack, 10 of which saw success in their own clients and wanted to stock the product full time, you should see an annual return estimated at £28,602.

B2C Based Clients
For the B2C focused sales, the initial products range in value from £24.99 to £34.99 offering between £2.50 and £5.25 return per bottle sold with achievable milestones to release cash bonus’ as outlined below;

7-day targets and bonus:

7 Bottles in 7 Days:
Commissions @ 10% = £17.49 – £24.49 + Bonus £7 = Average weekly return = £27.99

14 Bottles in 7 days:
Commissions @ 10% = £34.99 – £48.99 + Bonus £14 = Average weekly return = £55.99

21 Bottles in 7 days:
Commissions @ 10% = £52.48 – £73.48 + Bonus £21 = Average weekly return = £83.98

Up to five bottles per day (35 bottles in a 7-day window) generating a return of £139.97.

If anyone hits the five bottles per day for 7 days target (35 bottles within 7 days), base rate commission will be increased to 15% for the following 14 days and the £1 per bottle bonus will be increased to £1.50 bringing a 35-bottle week up to a £209.95 return.

Where the cumulative growth comes in and real uncapped potential is, repeat custom while lead sourcing to expand your client base.

The shelf life of the product is 1 year but average consumption per bottle is around 10-15 days so you should see repeat orders around 2x times per month on average per person. Therefore, if you found 70 individual clients that ordered just two bottles per month, you would achieve the higher threshold and milestones consistently generating a minimum of £10,917 per annum.

Further information.
Focusing on both B2B and B2C sales with 10 active B2B clients and 70 B2C clients should generate an annual return of £39,512 gross income. Once you had these clients though there is nothing stopping you building relations with a further 10 B2B clients and 70 more individual consumers. The more effort you put in, the greater the return.

We are also expanding the product range to include oral tinctures and CBD for animals, offering further outreach and potential clients, these products are in late development. Future development plans depending on base product demand involve CBD beauty products.

For both your and our success, we would prefer applicants to have previous experience in a similar area but if you are happy to take on the challenge, we are happy to give you a shot.


In a B2C scenario, your target market would be clients with a general understanding of CBD and its health benefits with an initial niché of CBD users that already vape using an electronic cigarette.
In a B2B scenario, the target market is online and physical Vape or wellness stores that stock or are looking to stock CBD.

We are expanding the based range of products to include oral tinctures and CBD for pets which will broaden the potential customer, then once the demand is established for these 3 product categories we are very interested in developing a health and beauty range.

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Ideal Profile

We ideally want a UK based candidates to become part of the team.
They would need to be target orientated, a self-starter and highly motivated. We want to become a team that can grow with us and create a fair and open environment where we can help you achieve your potential by limiting any and all restrictions that may occur.