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Primatel Products Ltd

Sell POS sale consumables to businesses you are already visiting and make serious money

Primatel Products Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Beauty & Wellness, Building & materials, Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories, Food & Drink, Garden, DIY, Gifts & Crafts, Home supplies / Interior, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Retail & FMCG

Benefits: Working with a well-established company | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support | First sale bonus | Sales and marketing support | Exclusive sales areas | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: Bonus and 30% on initial sale with 20% on all repeat sales from each account

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Established in 1979, Primatel Products Ltd has grown into a cornerstone of the POS consumable supply industry with a four-decade history of excellence. We cater to a wide array of sectors including retail and hospitality, having equipped over 50,000 businesses with essential payment processing supplies. As a recognized supply partner for esteemed institutions like Lloyds Bank and NatWest, our reputation precedes us.

Now, we are looking to expand our dedicated team with driven sales agents who are eager to maximize opportunities in this evolving market.



At Primatel Products Ltd, our core offerings comprise a selection of essential POS consumables designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Our range includes:

  • Credit Card Terminal Rolls: These are fundamental for any establishment accepting card payments, ensuring each transaction is recorded accurately and reliably.
  • EPOS Printer Rolls: Vital for smooth operations at points of sale, especially in retail and hospitality sectors.
  • Kitchen Printer Rolls and Ribbons: Specially designed to withstand the demanding environment of commercial kitchens, these rolls ensure that order details are printed clearly and withstand heat well.

With the shift towards contactless and digital payments, the importance of reliable POS consumables has increased. Our products cater to this need, ensuring that businesses can maintain efficient and uninterrupted operations.


  • Excellent commission terms

    Enjoy a competitive commission structure with 15% from each sale recurring as you maintain client accounts, ensuring a steady income stream.

  • Professional training and support offered

    We equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed, from initial training to ongoing support, ensuring you are never alone in your journey.

  • First sale bonus

    Receive an additional 10% commission on the first purchase made by each new account you establish, boosting your initial earnings.

  • Sales and Marketing Assistance

    Start strong with a sample box and access to our digital resources, enabling effective presentations and easier sales processes.

  • Exclusive Territories

    Demonstrate your success and secure exclusive sales areas, allowing for targeted and efficient market penetration.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Choose your working hours and manage your schedule to fit your lifestyle, offering the perfect balance of professional autonomy and personal freedom.

Expansive Opportunities Across the High Street

Primatel Products Ltd caters to a wide and varied range of businesses, each reliant on POS systems for daily transactions. Our target market includes:

Retail Stores: From large retail chains to small independent boutiques, all require the dependable supply of our printer rolls and ribbons for smooth checkout processes.

  • Hospitality Venues: Pubs, restaurants, and hotels where quick and accurate customer transactions are essential.
  • Petrol Forecourts: High-traffic locations with a constant need for efficient payment solutions.
  • Professional Services: Vets, doctors’ surgeries, and chemists, where professionalism is mirrored through every detail, including the quality of their transaction records.
  • Food and Beverage Outlets: Including takeaways and cafes that rely on quick service and accurate order processing.

Each of these sectors represents a robust opportunity for sales agents. Businesses on every high street depend on our consumables to ensure that their daily operations run without interruption, making our products essential and the sales potential significant.

Ideal Profile

At Primatel Products Ltd, we are searching for dynamic and resourceful sales agents who are already engaged in business-to-business sales and are looking to expand their portfolio. Our ideal candidates are:

  • Well-Connected: You should have existing relationships with high street businesses, providing you with a ready network to approach with our products.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Ideal for those who are self-starters, eager to manage their own client bases and maximize their earning potential through our generous commission structure.
  • Goal-Oriented: Motivated by targets and results, you aim to achieve and exceed expectations, securing and growing your exclusive sales territories.
  • Flexible and Autonomous: You value the ability to set your own hours and manage your work-life balance, thriving in a role that respects and rewards independence.
  • Performance-Driven: Our commitment to providing exclusive territories is contingent upon meeting performance goals, appealing to those who are competitive and driven.

This role is particularly appealing for candidates who are not just looking for a job, but a lucrative opportunity to grow a substantial, recurring business within their territories.