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Pioneering AI Platform Realiste Offers Incredible Commission of up to 80%


Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Business Services, Finance & Insurance, Software & Applications

Benefits: Working with a well-established company | Successful track record with agents or sales people | Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support offered | Sales leads provided | Sales and marketing support | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 10-25% of company commission; up to 80% if self-sourced.

Deal Size: £100000 +

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

No, that’s not a typo! The team at Realiste offer commission rates of up to 80% to sales agents who can successfully promote their platform to self-sourced clients. What’s more, they are also willing to provide industry-beating commission of 10-25% commission on all new clients who are not independently sourced. That’s 2-5x the industry average of 5%.

But wait, let’s take a step back. As an experienced telesales agent, you know that great commission is meaningless without a product you can get behind (and get prospective clients enthusiastic about, too).

Fear not!

Realiste AI is a game-changing new platform in the real estate sector, providing cutting-edge predictive analytics in 654 cities from around the globe. Operations are 100% transparent and users have access to a dedicated support team. Leveraging proprietary AI technology that assimilates data from a diverse range of sources, Realiste AI can be an invaluable asset to both private and institutional real estate investors.

If you have experience selling financial products and investment tech, this could be an exciting and lucrative opportunity for you. You don’t even need experience in the field of real estate.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find out more and apply below.


Who and what is Realiste AI?

Realiste AI is not just another investment platform. Its proprietary technology has redefined real estate investment, positioning the brand as an invaluable aid to serious real estate investors. Starting out in the UAE, the Realiste team oversaw commission-based revenues of $7 million and $120 million in sales.

Now, the company boasts growth at a remarkable 12% month-over-month in transaction volume with over 300 deals successfully closed since the beginning of the year. That’s an average of 1.3 transactions every single day with an average single-property transaction size of $400,000.

The company’s success lies in organic growth fuelled by a talented and extremely well compensated sales team. Within the next 36 months, the company aims to have 10,000 dedicated users consistently invest in properties worldwide.

While it has a great team behind it, the platform has plenty to recommend itself, including:

  • An expansive selection of curated real estate listings from various developers, banks, funds, and companies
  • Sophisticated analytics for 64 global cities (with more to come by the end of the year)
  • Comprehensive market insights based on data from a variety of sources
  • Sophisticated AI provides predictive insights to give investors the leading edge
  • Global reach. While the company is based in the UAE, it aims to provide seamless transactions to real estate investors all over the world



  • Working with a well-established company

    Realiste is not only well established, it is a market leader and the first of its kind, boasting incredible 12% month-over-month growth

  • Successful track record with agents or sales people

    The average commission in the market is 5%, the average income of a seller is $12 thousand, the best sellers have an income of $50 thousand per month, the average number of transactions for a seller is 4 transactions per month. and these figures are growing as the processes are fine-tuned.

  • Innovative product / service

    We are the only company that gives the tools and opportunity to sell property remotely and we have had good success at it. This gives unlimited opportunities for our sellers to increase their income.

  • Industry-beating commission terms:

    Commission rates range from 10-25% or up to 80% for clients that agents source themselves

  • Recurring commission

    Realiste’s users are lifelong real estate investors, and purchase an average of 2.5 properties through the platform. This is projected to increase to 4 in the next year, providing ample opportunities for recurring commission

  • Professional training and support offered

    While the platform itself is a comprehensive learning tool, the team are on hand to provide full training and ongoing support to ensure excellence for sales agents

  • Sales leads provided

    The company is able to provide agents with high-value lead data, as well as supporting them in sourcing their own clients and earning higher commissions

  • Sales and marketing support

    Agents will be supported in every stage of the sale, with compelling marketing and PR materials on-hand as well as all the assistance agents need to help Realiste users carry out transactions and aid conversions

Target market

Lifelong real estate investors are Realiste’s bread and butter. These are serious investors who want to leverage the latest technology to gain an edge. The platform aims to help these investors find and purchase the 1% best investment properties for their investment strategy.

Once the property is selected, the Realiste team manages the entire cycle of the investment project, including risk management, working with experienced investment consultants, rather than conventional realtors.

The Ideal Candidate

Realiste seeks remote telesales agents who are experienced in the sale of financial products and investment technologies. Real estate experience is not essential. Agents can expect to gain access to clients within days of getting started and most agents achieve their first transaction within 4 weeks. The average agent completes 4 transactions per month with a monthly OTE of $12,000. However, high earners can clear in excess of $50,000 per month.

The successful candidate will be:

  • Highly self-motivated and energetic
  • Ambitious and target-oriented
  • A skilled communicator with excellent presentation skills
  • Able to manage their own CRM and sales pipeline

Due to the generous commission terms, we anticipate a great deal of interest in this opportunity, so don’t delay.

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