Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Industry: Business services

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 25%

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Sell the next step in the evolution of sending sales and marketing messages to prospects and customers at all stages of the sales process.

You will be offering businesses a service from Hopper Video that can send personalised videos to tens of thousands of recipients.

The customised messages will attract new customers, generate hot leads, promote offers, and can be used for all types of communications both internally and externally of a business. Messages can be sent via the Hopper email system or from a client’s own CRM.

A marketing tool proven to outperform standard email marketing by between two and five times, businesses will want to see a demonstration of this service.

With a great commission reward scheme and full use of the Hopper Video messaging service to support sales agents, this is a superb sales opportunity for anyone selling B2B.

We all witnessed the tremendous boost to lead generation and sales communications created by targeted marketing via mass email. Customised video messaging will move businesses another huge step forward and you can be in at the start.

The Business – Hopper Videos

Hopper Video was conceived at Box Studio, an animation and video production company where they had been using video as a way to find new customers and engage dormant ones. They created a generic video about their services, then manually created 100s of personalised versions and emailed them to prospects. The results were fantastic. When potential clients saw the personalised videos, they wanted them for their business.

The personalised videos had hit on something special and now, after investment and development to make the process automated, we are looking for sales agents to sell the service by demonstrating what it can do for clients as they use it themselves to generate leads and increase sales.

The development of the concept continues,  and sales agents can benefit from having even more benefits, future improvements, and additional features and services to sell.

The Product – Personalised Video Marketing

Here is a simple overview of the service and the process for new clients:

1. Content – Start from scratch or use an existing video. Hopper can work with anything from animation to film.

2. Personalisation – We create areas within the video that can be personalised for each prospect: Text, images, audio, or structure.

3. Connect – We connect the video messaging service to your data source.

4. Send – An on-brand email with personalised thumbnail is sent, or we connect it to a platform via our API.

5. Engage – Viewers are taken to an on-brand landing page to watch their personalised video on any device, before being encouraged to take a call to action.

6. Analyse – Every video is tracked and reports are created for each campaign, making it easy to identify who is engaging. When you use Hopper to get in front of a customer, you’ve already proved to them that the process works. Visit the website to see more about how Hopper works: https://hoppervideo.com/

The Target Market

Any business, selling B2B or B2C, that wants to generate leads, contact old or existing customers, or send a message to persuade buyers to take an action, is a potential customer for sales agents partnering with Hopper Videos. That’s a huge market for agents to approach.

Plus, there are businesses that want to use Hopper for internal and external non-sales communications: recruiters sending out new opportunities, and fundraisers messaging donors. Wherever the impact of a customised message is required, there is a potential sale.

The Sales Agents’ Role

We are offering a rewarding commission scheme of 25% of the first order and any subsequent sales for the first 12 months of the relationship with a client. With all orders starting with an initial set up fee of £3,000 and monthly payments starting from £600, there is substantial commission to be earned.

Medium 12-month package
Core video & setup = £9,000
License = £15,000
Commission = £6,000

Small 12-month package
Core video and setup = £7,000
License £7,500
Commission £3,625

Sales agents will receive full support with training on how to use the various functions of the platform. Sales pitches recorded using the current deck and the deck is available for sales agents to quickly personalise messages to show how the service works and prove its effectiveness for potential clients. A new website is under construction and will support sales with great functionality and information. There is an email campaign to provide leads for agents from one of the top lead generators, SoPro.

We are looking to talk to sales agents experienced in selling to B2B prospect via any sales channel, face to face, online, video conferencing, or telephone. Our clients range from SMEs to large organisations, so the ability to communicate confidently at all levels, both verbally and written, is important. If you can see the benefits of Hopper Video services for businesses and want to be a part of the next step in sales communications, use the Apply Button below and include your relevant sales experience and current sales activity.