Company name: UAB ICONA

Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: N/A

Commission: TBA

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: Face 2 Face

Partner an International Community of Manufacturers Looking for Agents

BeDigital (UAB Icona) represent small and medium-sized export-oriented producers and helps them enter new markets. We are looking for sales partners in the food and drink and construction sectors to form a sales partnership with these businesses.
We offer excellent opportunities for professional sales agencies, independent sales agents, and individuals and businesses in all sales channels looking to partner manufacturers from around the world.
Quickly build substantial, ongoing income streams from client lifetime sales commission payments.
Gain access to unique products from an international manufacturers community looking to form mutually beneficial commission based sales partnerships with sellers of all types.
Work from anywhere around the world – Your own hours - Truly international flexible sales opportunities

The Business and Sales Agent Opportunities

BeDigital (UAB Icona) is a company that specialises in export development using the newest business technologies. Today we represent small and medium-sized export-oriented producers and help them to enter new markets. We are all about creating a community of experts from the manufacturing field and we are now looking for sales professionals to connect with our extensive network of businesses wanting to sell their products or approach new markets through sales agents.

You will be working remotely as an independent agent and can be based anywhere around the globe and sell in your own country or to customers abroad. We want to talk to individuals and businesses that want to add ongoing income streams to their existing sales or focus on our opportunities full time.

You will have the opportunity to sell products already proven in the marketplace and be first to have access to manufacturers new to your country’s markets.

With new products regularly becoming available from our client network, our current sales opportunities are for sales agents in the food and drink and construction sectors.

See below what we can offer and our current products requiring sales agents.

Target Market

Having worked to grow our community of manufacturers and producers we are currently looking for sales partners for the following products:

Food & Drink Sector
Soft drinks: juice, water, smoothies, coconut water. Bread, healthy snacks, nut butter, chocolate, freeze-dried products and similar products for the food market.

Construction Sector

Wooden windows, furniture, modular houses, wooden flooring, water faucets and a full range of products for the construction, building, and self-build markets.

The target customers for both the above sectors are: retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the FMCG and construction industries.


Ideal Sales Agent Profile

We are looking for sales professionals to sell for our clients on a commission basis. You could be currently working as a sales representative and want to make use of your contacts and connections. An independent sales agent or a sales agency, or a business that wants an easy way to add new product lines and create additional income streams for your business.

The ideal sales partners will have at least a few years of proven successful experience in sales and knowledge of the target markets described above. You are expected to have a network of relevant connections in your local or foreign countries. Tenacity and perseverance are key to building lucrative sales pipelines, especially with products new to your customers.

If you meet the above criteria BeDigital (UAB Icona) can offer you:

  • A totally flexible opportunity where you can step beyond fixed working hours and pay.
  • Additional revenue in addition to your current independent or business sales or full-time role.
  • The ability to receive ongoing, client lifetime commission and build a lucrative income.
  • Full support from export and industry professionals that want you to succeed.
  • Access to exclusive products to introduce to your local and foreign markets.
  • No need to continuously search for new producers and manufacturers.
  • The chance to connect and work with more than one manufacturer.

As an Expert, you are free to work from anywhere, anytime, using any sales channel, and choose the schedule that fits your lifestyle and needs. Talk to us at BeDigital (UAB Icona) by using the Contact Button below and be sure to include your current sales activity and relevant experience.