ScriptDoor Inc

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Software & Applications

Benefits: Commission-based

Commission: commission based, % of the subscription price

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer)

ScriptDoor  is an open-market streaming and distribution system solution for business and independent content providers of video, audio, and print media. 

  1. ScriptDoor provides an instant ready-made solution for enterprise content providers that wants control over their material from product pricing, advertising revenue, and connection to their consumers, as an additional channel to monetize your content. At the same time, corporate and individual consumers can directly choose global content from the source without multiple subscriptions. 
  2. ScriptDoor gives businesses the ability to co-sell and share a pool of consumers that can access streaming such as movies, music, and print media, which, as a combination, are not present in open-market platforms. 
  3. Corporate clients can create a collection of multimedia content that they can offer to their direct consumers—opening up an addressable market space, that includes schools, travel, and the hospitality industry. 

We are your one-stop shop for media and entertainment.

We’re working to make equal opportunity mainstream, to turn our industry into a sustainable ecosystem, and to curate options that help both independent and giant creators maximize opportunity and revenue. 

 At ScriptDoor, we connect you to great content creators and individual and corporate consumers, with options specifically tailored for you and by you. 

At our online marketplace, you can find the best of publishing, audio, and video. You’re in control here, no strings attached. 

Decide on what you want to create, how you want to brand, price, and distribute it. Collaborate on content and drive it forward. Pick, choose, or subscribe to content that you want with ScriptDoor tokens. 


Subscription to the platform

Everyone is free to join the service, but when content creators want to start selling their digital content they need to upgrade to the ScriptDoor Plan, which is paid monthly.

Target market

The main objective at the moment is to get to the corporate content providers (film production studios, record labels, publishing houses) and help them to connect with the corporate consumers (airlines, cruise ships, hotels, retailers, global coffee shop chains, etc) within ScriptDoor ecosystem.

At the same time, the strong focus is on the independent content providers (filmmakers, musicians, writers)

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Ideal Profile

Consistent and confident

Preferably with the experience in online media or digital sales

Proactive and willing to grow

Responsible and independent



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