Location: Midlands

Target Markets: Manufacturing & Industry

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: We pay 80% commission on net profit.

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Workwear and Business Supplies Company is looking for an experienced Sales Agent

We sell a massive range of products that companies in the UK will need to buy. Our company sells workwear, office supplies, office furniture, cleaning products, coffee machines, packaging and post room and loads more.


Branded Workwear and Health and Safety Products

Backed by national workwear wholesalers we want to increase our market share of workwear,  branded clothing and health and safety clothing. The clothes are competitively priced with thousands of SKU’s available, this  is an easy opportunity to up – sell and cross sell which means you will increase commission and earn more money.

We would like to work with Manufacturing and Construction and Health Care

We want to get into any company that has their employees wearing embroidered polo shirts, sweat shirts, jackets and T-Shirts. Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace and Health care companies that typically use clothing like this.

Construction and  tradespeople wear branded clothing but also wear hi-vis jackets, trousers, hi-vis vests, bump caps, hard hats, gloves and boots and other health and safety products.

We have chosen these markets because we have experience and customers within the sectors, but are range of products is so vast that an agent can sell our products into any sector.


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Our Ideal Sales Person is.....

  • I am looking for  experienced Sales Agents  who have  contacts and /or an active lead pipeline across a  range of different industry types.
  • The opportunity to upsell and cross sell is huge, we have thouands of different products lines to choose from
  • I am looking for good volumes, so the ideal Agent will be experienced in selling and negotiating with larger companies.
  • We will supply access  to our CRM system which is populated with  warm leads. Digital cataloges, hard copy catalogues and samples will also be provided.
  • We regularly email to prospects and our software identifies companies who have opened the emails and we will supply the agent with that information.





Our huge range of products means the right person will find this role very interesting and varied  and there is plenty of variety and the opportunity to