Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 10% on ave. & 25% on single bespoke & 5% on manufacturing

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Mr Abi Aslam


O.G. Clothing Co. (OGCC) aka Omar Guevara Clothing Co. is a globally unique high-end quality revolutionary urban sports fashion brand. The business started in 2004 where we manufactured, printed and trained other brands. Therefore, the OGCC brand sold only exclusively, now 16 years later, OGCC is launching world wide and focused on the brand only! With nearly 2 decades of hands on design, print, manufacturing, training of fashion in particular design & print. OGCC has knowledge and a foundation like no other and we are launching many ‘words first’ products!

The brand currently has currently 2 main sub collections ‘Omar Guevara & OG1 Sports’. Recognised by the ‘Mark of the Revolution’ i.e. our iconic logo. The logo represents a movement for global ‘peace, love and unity’, with philanthropy as our long-term sustainable agenda!

O.G. Clothing Co. has evolved into a super trendy /stylish revolutionary brand. Focused on European/ US street fashion styles, latest advanced fabrics, threads & print techniques. These advancements are highly engineered and cut to offer unique various ranges (urban & sports) collections under the O.G. (Omar Guevara) Clothing Co. brand.

OGCC has its own full inhouse production, in order to have complete control in quality and innovation. Offering various collections & ranges as well as dual branding production services.


Truly Revolutionary:

  • OGCC Collections / Ranges
  • Omar Guevara urban collections & bespoke wear
  • OG1 Sports wear
  • OG1 Sports accessories (Boxing/MMA/Gym)
  • Omar Guevara Pride range (Philanthropic)


OGCC Urban/Sports fashion services

  • Dual Branded manufacturing services
  • Bespoke manufacturing
  • Ambassador/Affiliate and partnership schemes


‘Humanity Positive’ movement created by OGCC

Omar Guevara is a pseudonym name of the main designer. A true revolutionist, Omar Guevara in his own words states “net wealth is not in what you own, it is in what you give back to the world”!

OGCC aims to initially give 15% of net profits to the global destitute i.e. orphans & water well projects.

O.G. Clothing Co. has a social conscious/revolutionary agenda & stands for global ‘peace, love & unity’.



We are looking to sell via our own DIRECT factory!

  1. Ready made products urban and sports related!
  2. Private label services for the same / similar products and this can be small to large orders
  3. Bespoke fitted individual jackets / coats / tracksuits etc



All urban and sports industries but we are more focused on urban items! Stores (physical), online or multi stores and again we can offer private label services. So if a brand likes what we have but want it made under their brand we can produce our lines into private label services! www.ogclothing.com

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for established sales agents or new agents who can be fully committed! Having knowledge and contacts in the industry is preferable. But some sales agents may like the idea of dealing with individuals for bespoke made jackets, coats, tracksuits. But that is a small local sales person for local services. We are mainly looking for agents who have contacts with major corporate chains! Again please remember we can offer private label and your client may order for example 10,000 for example of our Defender X jacket! Please see our landing page and this is just one of our unique products!