Perfect Teams

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Business Services

Benefits: Commission-based

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)


Opportunity to earn over £50k+ p/a working remotely

Become a licensed ‘Perfect Teams’ Practitioner

Would you prefer to spend your days working with a variety of clients? Perhaps you are an experienced professional who’s fed up with the corporate grind and is now seeking a new opportunity to create something that provides real security – your own business. Join our growing team of highly experienced, part time partners and licensees and create a sustainable, dependable income, whilst being a part of a supportable and friendly network. To be successful, you’ll need a great deal of EQ, as well as commercial acumen. You’ll be able to form relationships with CEOs, MDs, Founders and HR Directors quickly and be able to empathise with the problems, they face with their teams. The roles are self-employed, ensuring that you keep full control of your work/life balance. Incomes in excess of £50,000 p.a. are achievable.


This opportunity would suit someone with change management or HR Software sales experience, or experience using Myers-Briggs / Big Five / Predictive Index (PI) / Worldwide / Traitify / Adaptive Resilience Factor Inventory / EI/EQ – Mayer-Salovey-Caruso EI etc in a corporate environment.

Perfect Teams is designed for leadership consultants, in-house HR specialists and change management consultants who have their own distribution (i.e. access to a market).

The benefits of joining Perfect Teams as a licensee/partner are:

• You get a cutting-edge tool to help you build your own business

• A low-cost point of entry product you can deliver virtually

• Leverage your initial investment into a return of 20:1

There is a cost to your new business for using the system to take your clients through the Perfect Teams Indicator. We are a business and we do need to recoup our investment in the system and keep the business running. You will need to buy credits to use the Perfect Teams Indicator and these are available in 3 packages ranging from £900 to £1950. A small fee when you consider the business opportunity you are gaining, also included are:

  • A full days training to give you a fast and profitable start to your new business.
  • Opportunity to tailor and package your own offer.
  • First month’s annual registration fee.
  • Access to online platform.
  • Report generation .
  • Accreditation.
  • Team maps.

A complete new business start-up package with everything you need to be successful.



Target market

These are the reasons the client companies in your ‘black book’ / network will want your assistance, especially post Covid-19 times, trying to get back to ‘business as usual’ as much as  possible:

U  s  e       P  e  r   f  e  c  t      T  e  a  m  s       w h e n e v e r . . .

As an existing, or incoming Executive your client will use us when:

  • They need to get up to speed quickly on who they have on their team.
  • They need to resolve communication issues and personal conflicts
  • They have a dysfunctional team
  • They are merging teams that have different cultures
  • They are putting together a team from scratch
  • They are looking to restructure

As an Owner / Manager your client will use us when:

  • The team needs to see they are making an investment in them
  • They need to discover the motivation and spark in their team
  • They need to gain confidence in themselves and their team
  • They need to save time in meetings, to make them shorter, more productive
  • They need to learn how to connect more quickly with their clients and earn more
  • Their decision-making needs to be faster

When as an HR specialist an existing, or incoming, executive needs to:

  • Get up to speed quickly on who they have on their team
  • Resolve communication issues and personal conflicts
  • Sort out a dysfunctional team
  • Merge teams that have different cultures
  • Put together a new team from scratch
  • Restructure the leadership team

    Perfect Teams has already been used by Leaders in some recognisable companies across 28 countries. Our goal is to profile someone from every country in the world by 2022, to date we have 168 to go.

    Ideal Profile

    This is an opportunity to build your own portfolio of clients.

    • As a partner you will be interested in joining us in expanding Perfect Teams. Our aim of being the instrument of choice and to inspire and motivate a billion people cannot be achieved alone. For that we too, need a Perfect Team.
    • Our initial aim is 12 cities in 12 countries including UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, Japan and South Korea.

    INTERESTED? Do you fit? Next steps: 

    After completing some questionnaires (to establish synergy), you will be sent a link to take your own ‘Perfect Teams Indicator’ (worth £42) to do your own online indicator – this is the cornerstone product of the business

    • You will then express your interest in becoming a licensed practitioner. Once selected you will commence your training, accreditation and account set up along with the credits (Indicator links) to get you started.

    If at any point in the first 30-days, you are not satisfied, we will offer you a full refund (less Indicators used).