Location: London / South East

Industry: Business services, Electronics, Food & Drink, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Retail & FMCG, Software & Applications

Commission: To be discussed.

Deal Size: £10000 – £100000 / £100000 +

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face

We believe that business should help solve the world’s problems and have a lasting positive impact on society, the economy and the planet. We exist to help every person play their part.

We make a stand when things aren’t right and work together to achieve ambitious goals, increasing individual impact and building long-term trusting relationships.


Consulting projects structured by us to solve problems experienced by Business Leaders. All projects are staffed with freelance consultancy experts, ensuring the exact right combination of skills is used to solve the business problem. Projects can be short (2 weeks) medium (6 weeks – 6 months) or long (6-18 months) and can be one individual or a sizeable, all depending on the busines need.

We do this in the areas of Business Transformation, Change, People Strategy and High Performing Teams, through an approach we call, values-driven consulting.

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We are generally industry agnostic, although we like to work with companies who want to have a strong social or environmental impact. We don’t work with companies whose product has an outright negative impact on society or the environment, such as tobacco.

Ideal Profile

We’re looking for an experienced consultant who understands our areas of expertise and already has existing relationships with qualified buyers of these consultancy services. We would the like sales agent to be able to organise meetings for us with qualified buyers. By qualified buyers, we mean business leaders who have a current need for our services, and have the budget and authority to buy.

We’re highly motivated around our belief that business should create positive social, economic and environmental impact. Generally the people we work with find this approach refreshing, motivating and fun.

We look forward working with an excellent sales agent as we continue our journey.