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Managed Security Solutions

Managed Security Solutions Ltd are seeking appropriately skilled sales/business development personnel for our latest offering, Droplet Computing. Droplet Computing is a means of containerising and delivering Windows applications on ANY device.
This opportunity spans all vertical sectors, from SME to Enterprise, and across all areas of local and central Government, NHS, and Education.
We have over 20 years of successful experience in the technology sector and this opportunity offers sales partners a sales offer with financial and security benefits and a large target market, which will generate substantial commission payments for sales.

The Company and the Sales Offer

Managed Security Solutions Ltd have been an active reseller in the Cyber Security field for over 20 years.  We have incubated and taken to market a number of well-known Cyber Security brands over the years, a number of which we still count as partners today.

The Cyber Security market has matured at a rapid pace over the past 10 years and is now a feature of every company’s boardroom agenda.  The evolvement of other markets in recent years has led to areas of overlap between Cyber Security and various other technology related markets.  Simply put, security is now embedded in the thought process of many of technology considerations.

MSSUK have recognised this and have in recent times begun to diversify its portfolio in-line with these market developments, as well as our customers desire to work with us in other areas.  One of the areas where we have been developing our offering is around Containerisation, and it’s in this area in particular, where we are looking to bolster our team.

Both our existing customer base, and this opportunity spans all vertical sectors, from SME to Enterprise, and across all areas of Government.  In fact, some of our strongest pipeline resides in Local and Central Government as well as NHS and Education.

We are seeking appropriately skilled sales/business development personnel to work with us on taking to market a product called Droplet Computing.  Droplet Computing is essentially a means of containerising and delivering Windows applications on ANY device (Windows, MacOS or Linux), without the need for any costly back end infrastructure.

This could be to deliver old legacy applications (we’ve worked with 40+ year old applications!) on brand new hardware, or new Windows applications running on MacOS.  This is a revolutionary product and we are ahead of the market in terms of approach and have ramped up significant interest as a result.

Container security was recently highlighted as the number 1 top right corner quadrant item by CB Insights in their 2019 Emerging Trends report.  This market is expected to grow rapidly to a $14b industry by 2022 and we are only at the relatively embryonic stages of that growth curve


Target market

This is a B2B sales play and as previously mentioned crosses all vertical sectors.  Typically, you will be talking with CIO’s/CTO’s/IT Directors & Managers to generate these opportunities, but there is both a strong financial and a security angle to this technology as well, so these represent alternative routes into an organisation.

Ideally you will have a strong base of existing relationships within any of the appropriate role areas mentioned above.


Agent profile

Commissions will range based on the engagement level.  This will be negotiated at an individual level based on your experience.

As mentioned previously all vertical sectors served are of interest.

Sales agents can be either operating in a face to face or remote capacity.

Full training offered.

Occasionally leads may be provided based on fit to serviced market.

Deal sizes vary considerably but as an example a 500 user opportunity is ~£40,000.  We have opportunities in our pipeline that exceed 150,000 users.

In the first instance, please submit your CV with any covering comments you wish to add using the Contact Button below – No calls please.