DigiVisi Ltd

Location: Work from home. Sell nation wide.

Target Markets: Tradesmen and professionals with local websites. Financial, law, accounting companies with national sites.

Business Model: Commission-based / Recurring commission

Commission: 30% on 1st Sale & 15% on Ongoing Sales

Deal Size: £100 - £1000 / £1000 - £10000 / £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Sell High Value, High Quality SEO Packages to Your Established Network for Impressive Earning Potential

DigiVisi was founded in April 2021 and we’re building a reputation for high-value and high-quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We specialise in Local SEO and offer fully managed packages and individual packages such as local citation building and link building. Over the last 6-months, we’ve built our client base through telesales and our own performance in search engines. We have retained all clients from the beginning.

Time and time again, clients have worked with agencies in the past that failed to deliver. We’ve developed packages that work for many clients, so we guarantee they’ll rank on page one within a year, if not sooner if they continue investing with us.

We keep our clients by communicating regularly. From the changes we’ve made to the impact we anticipate, to ranking performance and website health improvements, to build their trust and up-sell in the future.

As a result of the above it’s easy to make a prospect become a client, keep them as a client and increase their investment.

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We have a range of packages for different markets.

Managed packages – Priced between £217 – £1067 p/m and fall into two categories:

Affordable Managed Packages – These are ideal for new and existing sole trader businesses operating in one or two areas—for example, driving instructors, plumbers, electricians, and other trades and professions.

Powerful Managed Packages – These are ideal for existing businesses that are targeting regional or national markets. Again, it’s best for professionals and tradespeople.

Backlinks  – Priced between £227 – £337 p/m

Local Citation Building Packages – Priced between £96 – £160 p/m

We can go into a lot more detail about what these packages provide when we speak to you and you can also visit digivisi.co.uk.


Every business in the country needs SEO

Affordable Packages:

These packages are ideal for local business owners in trades or professions. Typically, they’re new businesses or recently established.

Powerful Packages:

These packages are ideal for a regional or national business in trades or professions. Typically, they’re well established and can afford higher monthly payments.

Backlink Building:

Regional and national businesses in law, dentistry, accountancy etc. This product is the most rewarding for salespeople.


The successful candidate will benefit from:

  • An enormous 30% commission on 1st Sale!
  • 15% on Ongoing Sales.
  • Support from our team when it comes to choosing the best solutions/packages for your prospects.
  • The ability to add our products to your portfolio.
  • Great products and services with no monthly contracts so they really can be an easy sell if you have the right contacts!


Ideal Sales Agents

We’re looking for two types of candidates:

  1. One with a network of existing clients of prominent lawyers, dentists, accountants operating regionally and nationally.
  2. Another with a network of existing clients of local business owners in the trades and professions highlighted previously.

These candidates must be willing to share the information we pass onto them in terms of our client performance to build trust in the service and repeat sales. This is why we are offering you a 15% continuous commission.

If you can see the amazing potential here to earn fantastic income, contact us today!

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