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Sales Representatives Wanted for Leading Disposable Vape Brand Targeting Greater London.


Location: London / North East / North West / South East / South West / Work from home

Target Markets: Electronics, Manufacturing & Industry, Other, Retail & FMCG

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Recurring commission | Sales and marketing support | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: To be discussed - Includes commission - Recurring commission - Retainer

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Pioneers in Vaping Technology

HQD Tech stands as a prominent name in the UK vaping market, holding the exclusive rights to distribute HQD products. Our mission is to elevate the presence of HQD products in retail and FMCG stores across London and the surrounding areas. To achieve this, we’re assembling a team of 20 dedicated sales representatives and field agents. Your role will be pivotal in enhancing product awareness and driving HQD products into the hands of consumers throughout the UK.

Sales commission and retainer to be discussed on application.

Recurring commission on repeat business.


  • Company

  • Contact person
    Nikil Singh

Excellence in Disposable Vapes

At HQD Tech, we specialize in electronic atomizers, widely recognized as Disposable Vapes. While the UK market is familiar with brands like ELF BAR, LOST MARY, and ELUX, HQD Tech emerges as a formidable player. Our production base in China is a testament to our scale and efficiency, with a 3000-strong workforce capable of producing 1 million pieces daily. As a representative of HQD Tech, you will champion a brand that epitomizes both innovation and reliability in the vaping industry.


  • Innovative Product Offering

    As a sales representative for HQD Tech, you'll be championing a distinctive product that stands out in the market. Our electronic atomizers are not just aesthetically appealing but also surpass competitors in taste and quality. This innovative edge makes our products highly attractive to potential customers.

  • Attractive Commission Structure

    We understand the importance of rewarding our agents' efforts. While specific commission details will be discussed individually, we are committed to offering a structure that is both fair and motivating, with the potential for recurring income based on ongoing sales success.

  • Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Support

    Our team is equipped to provide you with a suite of marketing materials and promotional products, including display stands, product samples, branded hoodies, and caps. These resources are designed to enhance brand visibility and assist you in effectively marketing our products.

  • Flexibility and Autonomy

    We value the independence of our sales agents and offer flexible working hours and terms. This freedom allows you to manage your schedule in a way that best suits your lifestyle and work preferences, giving you control over your sales approach and client interactions.

Target market

HQD Tech’s strategic focus is on penetrating the retail sector, particularly targeting convenience stores across London and its surrounding areas. Our primary aim is to establish a strong presence in high street retail stores that already have a customer base for vape products.

In addition to retail stores, a significant portion of our efforts will be directed towards engaging with wholesalers and FMCG stores. This dual approach allows us to diversify our market reach, ensuring that HQD products are readily available both in retail environments and through larger distribution channels.

Our sales team will play a crucial role in navigating these sectors, creating opportunities for HQD Tech to become a household name in the vaping market. This targeted strategy positions us to effectively cater to a broad spectrum of business customers, from individual retailers to large-scale wholesalers.

Ideal Profile

HQD Tech is in search of exceptional candidates who embody a blend of key qualities essential for thriving in the competitive world of sales. We value individuals who are:

  • Confident and Self-Assured: You believe in your abilities and approach sales scenarios with a positive, assertive attitude.
  • Highly Motivated: Driven by goals and results, you’re committed to achieving and exceeding targets.
  • Effective Communicators: Proficient in articulating ideas, you can engage clients clearly and persuasively.
  • Resilient: Capable of bouncing back from setbacks, you’re persistent in the face of challenges.
  • Skilled Negotiators: With an aptitude for negotiation, you can secure favourable outcomes in sales dealings.
  • Relationship Builders: You excel in creating and maintaining strong, lasting connections with clients.

We’re seeking individuals who can seamlessly integrate these skills to drive HQD Tech’s growth in the vape market. If you’re ready to channel your talents into a rewarding sales role, we’re excited to welcome you on board.