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Join Our Team as a Sales Representative – UK Healthcare Sector (Paid NOT Commissioned)

Career Edu Tech

Location: London / Scotland / Work from home

Target Markets: Medical / Pharmaceutical

Benefits: Sales leads provided | Freedom & flexibility

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

We have a rewarding opportunity for you to join us as a sales representative in the UK. Our organization Career Edu is seeking to make some strides collaborating with the health and care industry in the UK. 

We are welcoming experienced Sales Representatives like yourself to join us in our marketing, cold calling, emailing and physical meetings with prospective clients. 

At present, we have successfully generated a substantial number of leads, approximately 50, which we are eager to convert into concrete deals within the upcoming weeks. We believe your expertise could be instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.

As a key member of our sales team, your primary responsibility would involve a comprehensive evaluation of our company’s offerings. It will be your prerogative to determine the most effective approach, whether through cold calling, strategic email campaigns, or face-to-face interactions with our target audience. We value your unique insights and are committed to fully supporting the execution of your devised strategy, relying on your professional expertise to drive tangible results.

Get in touch! 

Looking forward to the possibility of having you on board.

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We are selling human resources. Professional, career-driven candidates with the potential to commit a minimum of 5 years into the organisation they are working for.

The Target market

We are looking to sell to company owners, recruitment agencies, hospitals including the NHS and other service users in the health and care industry. This ranges from Domestic care to hospital care. We provide professional candidates in all these sectors.

Ideal Profile

Our target audience is health and care company owners in the UK. We are offering them qualified candidates extensively trained to make their quality best care service better.