Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Electronics

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 10%

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

IT service and hardware provider

We are a IT services and hardware provider which started in September 2020, there are just 3 staff members right now and we have recently acquired a partnership to sell PC’s, laptops, servers, networking equipment etc.

The business services are focused towards encouraging other businesses to become more aware of cyber security and take advantage of our cyber security products on top of all other services and products which we provide.


Laptops (Primarily Dell, HP, Lenovo)

PC’s (Primarily Dell, HP, Lenovo)


Networking equipment (Mainly Cisco)

Anti-virus (BitDefender)

IT Support contracts, solutions and services


The target market is primarily businesses which require a large presence of PC’s and laptops such as call centres, insurance firms, solicitors etc. The more endpoints to provide hardware and anti-virus licenses to, the better.

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Ideal Profile

If you would like to represent ourselves then you will need to match our values and be there for the customer and not for yourself. You should not be pushy and try to force a sale, you have to be the type of salesperson that takes an interest in the customers needs and then based on the information you provide, you provide them with a relevant solution. What we are looking for is a salesperson who can get through to a decision maker on a cold call, amplify their pain with the questions that we can provide and then present our services benefits to a point where they want to find out more information and can be passed over to ourselves.


Our contract periods can be extended to years and comission will be paid on each monthly payment which we receive from a customer so if you sell a contract worth £1000/monthly then you will receive £100 per month from that one customer until their contract ends (providing they don’t cancel beforehand) just because you made the sale. On a hardware sale, if you sold 50 laptops, our general margin is £80 per laptop (due to increase as we make further sales with our new partner) and you will receive 10% of the profit as soon as the money arrives in our account. There are also many upselling opportunities that can come from selling any product or service.