Inturi Technology Solutions Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Business Services, Software & Applications

Business Model: Commission-based / UK exclusivity

Commission: 20% commision + quarterly commission upto 12 months

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

IT and Business Sales Consultant – Microsoft Technology

Inturi Technology Solutions Ltd are a Microsoft business partner specialising in business solutions and digital transformation services.

We are now looking for an IT Sales Consultant with the business acumen to discover the needs and problems of a potential client and present solutions. The role requires a consultative sales approach .

The ideal sales agent will have experience of Microsoft Technologies. We are also interested in talking with agents that have a knowledge of: CRM solutions, App development, Project rescue, Membership portals, Reporting systems, or Data migration.

Our customers range from SMEs to large clients in all sectors, which offers sales consultants an endless supply of potential new customers.

Inturi Technology Solutions Ltd will support you throughout the sales process and use their 20 years of expertise to offer your customers an exceptional and trustworthy service.

We are offering the right sales consultants a commission of 20% and a further quarterly payment up to 12 months based on the ongoing trading of the new client.

See the scope of the services and solutions we can provide, which gives sales agent a comprehensive array of services to present to potential clients.

Inturi Technology Solutions Ltd – Products and Services

Our range of products and services offers customers of all sizes the remedy for their technology and busines process pains.

CRM Solutions

We can provide CRM solution for:

Sales lead management, project management, calendar integration, marketing integration, integrate natively with other Microsoft applications.

Our CRM solutions compete well against our larger competitors which include: Salesforce / Sage CRM  / Infor CRM and the online versions Zoho/Sugarcrm / Hubspot / ACT.

Companies with no systems 

For companies with no current systems we offer a free assessment to show them how we can improve their processes and introduce them to the newest technologies appropriate for their business. This generally leads to new implementations and utilisation of professional services.

APP development 

A great way to fix business pains for our clients and maximise return on contact with customers is by developing an app. The size of the App business is estimated to be over 150 billion per year. An appropriate solution for many businesses that are looking at ways to fix the problems they face.

Project rescue 

Where a CRM project has gone wrong or is poorly implemented, we will use our experienced consultants to assess and correctly install and configure the CRM system. This tends to be for larger clients and is welcomed as a solution when required.

Membership Portals 

We provide membership solutions, recruitment platforms, and other portals where external users can update details and manage their accounts. The information they enter will feed back into the Microsoft CRM.


We work with Power BI, this product is a very powerful Microsoft reporting tool which integrates 100s of different databases into visuals. The professional services will be charged for setting up the integration with the customer’s data, which will lead on to other activities using additional Microsoft LOB applications.

Data Migration 

We specialise in moving complex and disparate data, both on-site and cloud based. Many customers have their data in lots of different areas such as: spreadsheets, on-site servers, accounts, and more. We move the data to a compliant and secure area built with the latest technologies.

The Target Market

All businesses that require systems to manage data, record interaction with customers, or store data and information securely, are potential customers.

We have clients of all sizes, from SMEs with basic needs to large companies and organisations with complex and wide ranging requirements for new systems, upgrading of existing systems, and dealing with problems causing pain and costs for their business.

Our experience means we can offer specific solutions that meet the demands of clients in all sectors. Our speciality is listening, a skill the successful sales agents will need, so we can discover the outcome our clients want and present the most effective proposal.

Ideal Sales Agents

We want to talk to agents who can demonstrate good business knowledge and can help and support a potential client by presenting how Microsoft technologies are going to help them.

Agents require a consultative sales approach as hard-sell techniques do not work in this industry. The sales process requires unearthing and discovering the outcomes the client desires, the pains they want to fix, and the business objectives they want to achieve.

Your IT and business experience will enable you to understand what the client currently has, what they want to change, and the timescales involved.

You will be supported by a team with over 20 years of experience and the ability to match the Microsoft technology to the client’s requirements.

We are offering a substantial commission of 20% and a further quarterly payment for up to 12 months based on the ongoing trading of the new client.

Talk to us by using the Apply Button below and include your relevant experience and current sales activity.