Location: London / South East / South West

Target Markets: HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: TBA

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Innovative New Product for the Hospitality Market – The Bedstretch PillowShelf

Bedstretch Ltd was formed in 2017 to build and sell the innovative Bedstretch PillowShelf a device that will make any Divan bed longer in minutes without the need to modify the bed and still using the original bedding.

The company provides single, double and superking varieties of its product in various materials and the fact that the product folds up for storage or transport is key to the design.

We are based in Ringwood in Hampshire and control the IP for the product, which means that we have no competition in this market place.


The Bedstretch PillowShelf featured last year on a BBC program called the Customer is Always Right and was tested by the likes of LadBaby amongst others.

The PillowShelf is provided folded with its own little sheet and where required headboard spacers and a bag. Available to fit Single, Double and Superking sizes the PillowShelf can be unfolded and fitted to the head of any divan bed in minutes, providing a longer bed, typically 6’9” or 7’.
The company is packaging a single and a double variant together with a Long Bed Option campaign to allow agents to target B&B and smaller establishments who wish to appeal to the 20% of customers who could find a 6’3” bed too small for them.

This largely untapped market will allow owners to hold one of the PillowShelfs in stock in single and double and then offer a longer bed option in ANY room, either for a small surcharge or perhaps free.

The unique fact that the PillowShelf extends the length of the bed at the top end of the bed, means that the customer does not feel the join as it is under the pillow. Selling the PillowShelf as part of a Long Bed Option marketing campaign will give those in the accomodation market to compete in areas at a very small outlay – certainly less than £300.


The target market is specifically accomodation providers. The product is viable for any hotel, but typically those looking to provide a more luxurious service or those looking to provide a bed length where their rooms or current product just doesn’t allow them to compete are the obvious contenders.

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Ideal Profile

Bedstretch are offering a very competitive 25% commission, full training, samples to the right candidates, and are initially looking for agents in the south, although ultimately, we will run the product out across the whole country.

The product in its commercial version for accomodation providers will be sold face to face or associates sales.

There is a straight forward need for accomodation providers to purchase this product but by packaging a single and double version with some marketing material so that the customer can easily promote a Long Bed Option as part of their marketing strategy for circa £300 the company believes the right agent will find a willing and enthusiastic audience.

The company are specifically looking for agents who are engaging with Accomodation providers exclusively and initially hope to trial the promotion in the south of the country.