Location: Ireland

Target Markets: Medical / Pharmaceutical

Business Model: Commission-based

Deal Size: £100 – £1000 / £1000 – £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Because we at Inuvet love animals, we make them naturally healthy, all over the world. We do this by using only the best herbal ingredients. We do this with products that have virtually no side effects. We do this by avoiding the use of synthetic and industrial chemicals. We do this by respecting our planet and the habitat of all living creatures. We do this with dedication every day for our customers. We do this with passion.

This opportunity is for Ireland only.

INUVET- Naturally Healthy Pets

Inuvet stands for a new approach in natural therapies for pets. We place particular emphasis on intensive research and development before bringing a product to market. All the products in our range contain only select, high-quality natural ingredients. The manufacturing process takes place in Germany using stringent checks to ensure the highest quality products.

Sales agents will be selling a product range that is exclusively available to veterinarian clinics. This gives agents a clearly defined market with exclusivity as a key selling point.

We are an international team of animal enthusiasts; our mission is to make animals around the globe naturally healthy. We do this with:

  • Effective products that have virtually no side effects.
  • Meticulous avoidance of the use of synthetic and industrial chemicals.
  • Dedication every day to giving first-class service to our customers.
  • Respect for our planet and the habitat of all living creatures.
  • We run our business with passion and love for what we do.

We are looking for a sales agent that will fit well with our company ethos and has the same passion for the work, as we do.

Inuvet Products

We offer a range of natural remedies for companion animals and horses in the following categories:

  • Dermatology (ointment, spray, patch, shampoos).
  • Immune system and wellbeing.
  • Geriatric/ cardiopulmonary.
  • Joints and motion.
  • Inner organs (liver, bladder, Intestine, stomach).
  • Parasiticide.

The content of the range is all-natural, safe, and with the minimum of side effects for the animals being treated.  

We have products for pets and horses. See more information on our product range by visiting our website at: inuvet.com/en-de/products.

The Target Market

The target market for sales agents to approach is veterinary professionals throughout Ireland. We sell exclusively through the veterinarian clinics and our products are prescribed by veterinarians.
With a product range aimed directly at the veterinarian market, and not sold to retailers, sales agents will have a distinct advantage when presenting to potential customers.

The Sales Agent Role

We are looking for a commission only sales agent that is friendly and enthusiastic with the right contacts and connections to sell our range of currently 35 natural remedies for pets and horses to veterinarians in Ireland.

The ideal agent will have existing relationships within the veterinarian sector. We will also consider agents with relevant experience and the will to develop new relationships with potential customers.

Good communication skills are essential and agents must be able to engage customers at all levels.

You will be managing a portfolio of existing veterinary practices in Ireland and adding new prospects to grow the customer base and generate new business. This will require good time management skills, self-motivation, and persistence along with resilience and the ability to maintain a positive attitude. The opportunity will allow the right agent to generate a generous long term income from commission on sales. Additionally, we’ll provide proper in-depth product training as well marketing and sales support materials to help you be successful. You will get access to our customer database with existing customer relationships in Ireland.

Talk to us at Inuvet by using the Apply Button below and include your CV or details of relevant experience.