DX Software

Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Beauty & Wellness, Building & materials, Business Services, Electronics, Facilities Management, Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories, Finance & Insurance, Food & Drink, Garden, DIY, Gifts & Crafts, Home supplies / Interior, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Logistics and Transport, Manufacturing & Industry, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Other, Retail & FMCG, Software & Applications, Sport / Outdoor

Benefits: Working with a well-established company | Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support offered | First sale bonus | Sales and marketing support | Exclusive sales areas | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 50% for consultations - 10% for software services

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Online sales (no need to talk to customer) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

DX Software is a rapidly growing, highly successful international blockchain company with two focuses: education and software development.

Our company is currently based in the UK/EU and we deliver consultations to support business owners across the world embrace technology and act as a technical partner for companies that want to discover new, exciting opportunities to help their business grow.

Our team specialises in both traditional web and mobile application building, but especially in the emerging blockchain, crypto and web3 solutions.

Our goal is to empower companies with the knowledge and software that they need in order to achieve their dreams.

We are looking for capable sales agents to help us take another new big step in the development of our company — you will receive 50% commission, recurring commission, and first sale bonuses.




Our flagship product is our Consultation Package for business owners and entrepreneurs that are willing to find an opportunity in embracing blockchain technology for their company. Many big brands have done this already. Notable examples include:

  • Coca-cola using blockchain software to manage their supply chain
  • Starbucks using blockchain technology for their loyalty programs
  • Reddit using image NFTs on the blockchain for their collectible avatars
  • Netflix using video NFTs on the blockchain to understand TV show engagement
  • Telegram building their own blockchain to offer more privacy to their user accounts
  • JP Morgan moving international transactions on the blockchain
  • Nike buying a blockchain company and moving their marketing to the metaverse

We use our research based on real life case studies to find the best approach for each of the companies that we are mentoring. We diagnose their current company situation and design the best strategy for them, so they can get the most from the blockchain technology out there.

Many of the companies that we mentor decide to go with us as a technical partners and we will build them the blockchain-based software that will fulfil their needs.


  • Working with a well-established company

    Our company has 5 solid years of organic and sustainable growth (resulting in a 500k+ yearly turnover this year with zero marketing involved). We have a new growth strategy to help us double our size over the next 6 months.

  • Innovative product / service

    Our company has a strong focus on education, unlike other blockchain-based software companies. We make it our mission to educate customers about the full potential of technology while offering a defined business-oriented strategy.

  • Excellent commission terms

    50% for consultations, follow ups and subscriptions (for up to 3 months), and 10% for software development services (for up to 2 years).

  • Recurring commission

    Commission extends up to 2 years for the initial sale per customer (which means there is potential for recurring commission if you nurture the customers).

  • Professional training and support offered

    Our amazing team specialists will train the sales agent and help them to understand the world of blockchain. In addition, we will provide research and presentation material.

  • First sale bonus

    We will offer a first sales bonus of up to 50% for the initial consultation (with 50% for each new paid consultation within the first 3 months).

  • Sales and marketing support

    Our company will support the sales agent with their work every step of the way, and explain the sales process and provide marketing materials.

  • Exclusive sales areas

    Our team will decide if exclusive sales areas will deliver good results.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    You will be free to work according to your own schedule and according to your own methods. We also do not require any kind of particular sync time apart from on-demand catch-ups.

Target market

Business owners and entrepreneurs from all industry sectors can benefits from our services. All types of businesses, from beauty and wellness to building materials, business service providers to sports and outdoor product suppliers.

Any business leader willing to explore the opportunities and solutions that can be gained by investing in their software infrastructure.

Ideal Profile

We have made our process simple to make it easy for sales agents to move their prospects forward. You will be provided with our full research and presentations, so you can effectively present our education program to potential clients.

We also provide you with training from our specialists that will give you a comprehensive understanding of what the market looks like and the product that you will be selling.

Whatever sales channel you use, in-person, phone, online, we will fully support it and you will have total freedom of how you sell.

Your suggestions and ideas will always be welcome, and you will be working together with our CEO and our Head of Sales to make sure you have all you need to deliver the best results and earn the very best commission.

In return we are looking for sales agents that can communicate effectively with business owners at all levels. Excellent written and verbal communication is essential.

You will have evidence of a proven track record in sales that gives us confidence in your ability to succeed with this sales agent opportunity.

Use the Apply Button below and tell us about your current sales activity and what makes you a good fit for this opportunity.