Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: Beauty & Wellness

Commission: TBA

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Sales Type: B2B sales / Online Sales

High-quality Omega 3 capsules from Norway

Arctic Light Products Ltd. is a Tromsø-based trading company in Norway, which was founded in 2010. Arctic Light Products AS activity was started from an idea to create the best fishing oil product on the market today. The product we have developed in collaboration with a man from the University of Tromsø and has resulted in Krill & Omega 3 capsules of very high quality. All of our productions is of the highest quality and is done in the northernmost part of Norway.

The oils used are tested several times before it is produced to the capsules. To our customers, we provide one of the cleanest product of its kind on the market, with a mixture of 70% highly concentrated Omega 3 (not of the liver), but from fish meat and 30 % Krill Oil. Nordic Light Krill & Fish Oil is a product of high quality, it consists of 70 % high-grade Omega-3 and 30 % Krill oil. The fact that we have a mixture of fish oil and krill oil, makes our product unique. Because the absorption of Omega-3 in the body becomes much more efficient. Because at "normal" fish oil Omega3 uptake of about 45 %, while those using our composition is footage of Omega3 that ca.92-94%, this is because when the phospholipids of krill oil is mixed with fish oil is then our mix very easily soluble in water/body. And this means that the absorption of Omega-3 is much larger.

Sales agent for UK required

We are now looking for a sales partner for the UK market.

We are open to discussing the best approach to the UK market and exclusivity for one agent.

Our product can be sold online directly to end customers or it can be sold through retail stores, or preferably both.

Are you the sales partner we’re looking for in the UK? Then we’re looking forward to hearing from you.