Company name: M JANNET J

Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: Home supplies / Interior

Commission: 10%-20%

Deal Size: £100 - £1000 / £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Face 2 Face / Online Sales / Telesales

Handcrafted Furniture at Affordable Prices – Sales Partners Wanted

M Jannet J produce stunning hand crafted collections of sofas, chairs and leather products, and provide bespoke services for furniture and accessories.
From sofas and chairs to genuine leathers, everything that we create promises premium quality and unmatched durability at affordable prices for customers.
We now want to talk to potential B2C sales partners in the furniture and home style marketplace about forming profitable long term relationships.
This is an opportunity to add this superb collection to your existing sales offers to your customers, giving you an additional income stream, with no requirement to hold stock, while earning substantial commission payments for sales.

Opportunity Overview

M Jannet J carries stunning collections of sofas, chairs and leather products, and offers bespoke services for furniture and scatter cushions. We can supply furniture complete with matching cushions and have plans for more products to complement our furniture range in the near future. Our range of furniture at value for money prices means we have something to suit all tastes and styles.

Some of our craftsmen have over 40 years of experience, which is why M Jannet J is known for its high quality, luxurious sofas, leathers and finishes with elegant designs, rich colours, and exquisite materials. By utilising high-quality natural materials and faux our crafted furniture has exceptional quality and longevity.

In our marketplace, ‘We See No One As Competition.’

We are now looking to talk to sales partners with a view to selling our product range on a commission basis.

Sales partners can be:

  • Sales agents currently selling B2C in the furniture marketplace who want to offer their customers furniture and accessories that are uniquely different to the usual available ranges.
  • Sales partners in all sales channels, online sales, direct marketing, catalogue sales, looking to expand their sales offers and earn an additional income stream from their customers base.
  • Suppliers of high-end home furnishings looking for competitively priced furniture to sell directly to domestic customers.

We offer an easy way to extend your product ranges without holding large stocks and the opportunity to earn substantial commission as a sales partner with M Jannet J.

Whatever sales channel you are in, however you approach your customers, if you are in the direct sales B2C household furnishings market use the contact button below and talk to us about how we can work together as sales partners and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

Target market

Our end user B2C target market is the 28 plus age range that want high end furniture handcrafted to exemplary high quality standards. Our price range makes luxury  available and affordable for everyone.

Existing businesses selling furniture and related home fashion or textiles can add another income stream.

Becoming a sales partner is an easy way to extend your product ranges, without holding stock, and earn valuable commission as a sales partner with M Jannet J

Ideal Agents

We want to talk to sales professionals in the furniture and home style sectors who will treat our business like their own in order to make this a successful partnership.

Sales partners need to have a great passion for the products and a real interest in satisfying the requirements of customers.

Agents will require a willingness to invest time in learning about the products and the company to become a genuine ambassador for the brand.

This will be a two-way relationship where feedback from sales partners will directly influence the direction of the company. Everyone will be part of the future success of the business and enjoy the rewards.

Talk to us about your current sales activity and how you see the M Jannet J products being part of your sales strategy by clicking the contact button below.