Glamour Cosmetics Limited

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Beauty & Wellness

Benefits: Commission-based

Commission: We offer between 20-30% Commission negotiable

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Glamour Cosmetics is a start-up venture located in London. It offers beauty supply products to customers interested in cosmetics, beauty appliances, accessories, etc.Our vision is to provide women with confidence and beauty through the art of makeup.Furthermore, Glamour Cosmetics will expand its exposure through effective marketing as well as introduce the business to market segments that have not yet discovered the Company.Our products is developed and produced at our contract facilities in China. Aurora private labels products would enable us to enjoy high profit margins by buying our products at wholesale prices and charging a premium to our customers for the brand we have created. Our pricing strategy is to position our products with a shelf price that is in the mid to lower quadrant of high-quality products and brands. We have accomplished this by making careful market comparisons and adjusting our packaging size. We believe our ability to create future product opportunities and growth will only be limited by our imagination and our ability to attract talented people who understand the concept of branding.



 Glamour Cosmetics offer stylish quality products at appealing prices vary from:







Target market

The products we offer are targeted to a broad range of demographics. Our products appeal to people of all races, colors, and creeds. Products are affordable, so lower, middle, and upper-class income brackets can fit a purchase into their budgets. With this said, our company expects the majority of orders coming from female customers within the age group of mid 20’s to mid 50’s.With this in mind, our company will focus its marketing efforts on informing this demographic of our company’s products, especially when it comes to the many beauty advantages our product has to offer to this demographic.



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Ideal Profile

i’m looking for a Cosmetics sales representatives responsible for promoting and selling beauty and cosmetic products to buyers and retailers. They must have strong knowledge in color matching and application and must be comfortable with various cosmetic items.

Role include:

  • Obtains orders, and establishes new accounts by planning and organising daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets and other trade factors.
  • Exceptional sales ability and customer service
  • Assist in the pricing and marketing techniques for each product

Glamour Cosmetics Opportunity for potential sales representative:

The main purpose of the business is to establish Glamour Cosmetics as an important brand that represents quality in beauty products, and Cosmetics accessories. We will accomplish this using high quality manufacturing and research, a creative marketing program, and a comprehensive distribution network using both brick and mortar retail outlets, internet presence, and a consumer catalogue. By utilising this multi-channel approach we will be able to reach the niche market for quality personal care products rapidly and efficiently. It will allow us to develop Glamour Cosmetics as an important brand that represents quality in Cosmetics accessories within our target market.

  • The UK cosmetics market was worth £9,379 million in 2019 ( at retail sales price). Smaller producers often enjoy greater success in niche markets where they can build a loyal customer base.With limited retail space available, and retailers purchasing in smaller quantities to prevent overstocking, even established manufacturers rely on product innovation to increase or even maintain market share. Consumers in this segment will often flock to a useful, new product or increase purchase of an old one that has been significantly improved.Vanity is a huge driver in cosmetics sales. Consumers will pay a premium for products they believe will improve their appearance. With a growing population of senior citizens, this bodes well for the manufacturers, as this group is expected to increase spending on cosmetics, as they age, especially on skin-care items.
  • sales representative will gain by helping us to build a brand recognition, increase the company’s credibility and reputation, obtain great backlinks
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