Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Medium to large-sized businesses

Benefits: Working with a well-established company | Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: £250

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Help Businesses Find the Best Employed Tech Staff or Outsource Solutions

Do you have contacts in large businesses that want access to top-tier IT staff without the heavy overheads and disruption that recruitment can cause?

Introduce them to Gitmax:

Recruiting permanent staff:

Gitmax gives businesses access to high quality permanent candidates without the expense and disruption of traditional recruitment models.

Outsourcing, projects, and short term staff:

Gitmax presents to businesses an effective way to find temporary staff for specific projects, outsource key parts of their tech infrastructure to third parties, and find customised solutions to meet their growing and changing IT requirements.

Earn £250 for every introduction that becomes a closed deal.

An excellent opportunity for field sales agents meeting with decision makers in large organisations, and telesales agents with experience in making referrals and introductions.

Your business contacts will be gaining access to a service offering many benefits. They will be able to find the right IT staff or outsource tech functions, bypass operational bottlenecks and overcome issues that have previously held them back.

GitMax is dedicated to helping businesses gain access to talented tech professionals, whether they want to keep them on payroll permanently or simply outsource key IT and tech functions.

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The services

GitMax specialises in providing skilled, experienced and available IT and tech talent to businesses around the world across a wide range of sectors. It does this in three ways:

Tech recruitment: Gitmax helps businesses to access the highest quality candidates and forego the expense and disruption that typically come with recruiting

Outsourcing: Where businesses want to outsource key parts of their tech infrastructure to third parties, GitMax helps them find the best of the best… fast!

Custom development: From DevOps to databases, from mobile to middleware and from back-end to front-end, GitMax can provide the tech talent necessary for custom development

By identifying the needs of companies in their CRM and matching them to the right services, agents can make introductions that delight their business clients and earn a fantastic commission in doing so.

Gitmax combines access to an astounding array of global tech talent with sophisticated AI and human expertise to find the right person for the job every time. Their versatile and multifaceted approach can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to overcome their pain points, improve operational efficiency and unlock growth. Best of all, they can provide high-quality tech professional profiles from all over the world within 48 hours of receiving the instruction of a vacancy.

Now the team is looking for sales agents to help them with their own growth by introducing them to key decision-makers within their business networks. If you have a CRM full of C-level business contacts, have great relationships with CTOs and HRDs, and want to represent this established and respected company, this is an amazing opportunity to make mutually rewarding introductions and earn a generous commission of £250 for every deal closed.


  • Established company

    Approach prospective clients with confidence, knowing that you represent an established company that is already trusted by businesses around the world

  • Innovative service

    GitMax provides quick and easy access to proven tech talent without the expense and disruption that often accompany the traditional recruitment process

  • Generous commission terms

    Agents earn a flat-rate commission of £250 as soon as a contract is signed with no commission cap

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Agents are free to qualify and approach leads however they see fit, choose their own hours and take control of their working days

The Target Market

GitMax is actively targeting medium to large-sized businesses with annual turnovers in excess of £500,000 in a wide range of sectors. Wherever businesses are looking for technical solutions to their pain points or want to leverage technology to facilitate growth, there are opportunities to be found.

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The ideal candidate

This is the perfect opportunity for a sales agent who is:

  • Highly self-motivated, ambitious and target-driven
  • A confident communicator
  • Able to identify the needs of a prospect and help guide them to the right solution
  • Well-organised and able to manage their own CRM and funnel
  • Armed with a strong network of c-level contacts such as CTOs, HRDs etc.

What are you waiting for?

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