Location: UK Wide

Target Markets: Beauty & Wellness, Building & materials, Business Services, Electronics, Facilities Management, Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories, Food & Drink, Garden, DIY, Gifts & Crafts, Home supplies / Interior, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Logistics and Transport, Manufacturing & Industry, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Other, Retail & FMCG, Software & Applications, Sport / Outdoor

Business Model: Commission-based / Recurring commission

Commission: Generous 22% per sign up. Repeat commissions Year 2 - 15% - Year 3 - 10%.

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Online sales (no need to talk to customer) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Wafit is part of a small group of companies. The Wafit product is a new start-up service based on an existing group company ‘World Art Finance’ utilising the same Fin-Tech for many different sectors. The group is owned by GDHL IBC.

Wafit is the new kid on the block with a completely different approach to offering 0% interest to buyers.

Considering the UK’s current economic climate, this is the time for all businesses to offer interest-free credit. This is boosted by the run-up to Christmas. HAPPY XMAS!

On average we are closing 30% of deals with only one meeting as all businesses want to sell more. Closing can be done face to face or remotely through our agents online portal.


It’s proven that most business can increase their sales by 35% when offering interest-free credit. We have had major success in selling the product during our soft launch. Most small businesses wish to increase additional sales and regard the scheme as a great option to enhance their other payment routes.

Wafit offers businesses the ability to sell their products and services using interest-free credit. 

We provide our scheme to almost all sectors with credit from £75.00 to £15,000 on an individual or a group of items, with no limit on the number of businesses sales. 

Businesses that join our Wafit subscription can offer their customers/clients products or services using interest-free credit. When a customer/client uses the scheme the business is paid their full balance for the purchase. 

Businesses retain the revenue even if the buyer stops paying. Our website has an online sign-up process, meaning that businesses can join and use the scheme within hours. 



Target market

The targets are SME’s in general, literally, any business that sells products and services to individuals. We have no specific geographic limits as any business based in the UK is accepted. There are no financial checks on the businesses and because the 0% credit is under 12 months we sit outside of FCA regulations.

The target market is huge Example businesses that have already joined: Solicitors, Wedding Event Organisers, Retailers, Flight Training Schools, Jewellers, Web Developers, Consultants, Small builders, Plumbers, Tyre Replacement, Electrical, Wedding Dresses (inc Hire) Aesthetics (Botox and fillers), Gyms, Holiday lets, Window Replacement and Conservatories, etc.

  •  Beauty & Wellness
  •  Building & materials
  •  Business Services
  •  Electronics
  •  Facilities Management
  •  Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories
  •  Finance & Insurance
  •  Food & Drink
  •  Garden, DIY
  •  Gifts & Crafts
  •  Home supplies / Interior
  •  HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe
  •  Logistics and Transport
  •  Manufacturing & Industry
  •  Medical / Pharmaceutical
  •  Retail & FMCG
  •  Software & Applications
  •  Start-Ups

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Ideal Profile

Innovative and self-driven salespeople, who can close a sale.

There is no need for financial experience, the offering is very simple and easy to explain.

Training on the product and service is given along with support mechanisms and sign-up software. PC literate across devices including PC’s or Mac’s, smartphones or tablets would be useful.