Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Business Services

Business Model: Commission-based

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Earn substantial commission working with a Smart Energy Solutions Provider as an Introducer or a Reseller. The sales process starts with agents offering a Free Survey of business premises and a Free Report with a recommendation on the best Smart Energy Solution to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon, and reduce energy costs.

No consultancy fees, brokerage fees, or survey fees for the client. A free survey and a report recommending a combination of the latest technology and innovation from a team of smart energy experts with decades of experience.   

This is an outstanding opportunity for sales agents with energy sector experience or agents currently selling B2B with a network of contacts in commercial premises.

We are currently looking for agents nationwide across the UK

The Company – Gaeltel

Gaeltel was incorporated in March 2016 with the head office in Fochabers, Scotland. We exist solely to offer business and commercial premises of all sizes an affordable Smart Energy Solution that will reduce our client’s carbon footprint – reduce energy consumption – and therefore reduce costs.

Gaeltel aims to:

  • Make smart, green energy solutions affordable for all businesses.
  • Become the leading smart energy solutions provider in the UK.

These are ambitious goals and our team have the technical knowledge and industry experience to achieve them. We are now looking for sales agents to work with us to accelerate growth while earning very substantial rewards by way of an outstanding commission scheme. 

How We Work – The Service You Will Selling

As an Introducer or Reseller, you will be offering a free comprehensive survey of business and commercial  premises, and a free detailed report recommending the best Smart Energy Solutions to meet each client’s individual needs.

  • We conduct a free and comprehensive survey of the client’s sites, and a review of utility billing for electricity, gas, and water.
  • We use this data to draft a detailed report, highlighting all the key areas where a client might realise additional efficiencies and savings. The client receives the report free of charge.
  • We secure bespoke quotes, based on the client’s unique requirements, at wholesale prices for the recommended Smart Energy Solution(s).
  • We also secure bespoke quotes from all 54 UK energy suppliers based on the client’s unique profile and requirements.
  • We set out in the report exactly how the Smart Energy Solution(s) will be paid for through the savings generated – often without any additional cost to the client and sometimes with an overall financial gain.
  • We do not charge any consultancy fees, brokerage fees, or survey fees. The client does not receive any invoice from us, at any time, and makes no payment to us. Instead, we receive a royalty from the chosen energy provider for the contract presented to them.

What you will be selling to clients is our expert knowledge of the most up-to-date smart energy products and services available. You are offering a free survey and detailed report that will present  the best combination of smart technology and innovation that will offer the perfect solution and deliver the highest reduction in consumption, carbon, and costs for their business.

The Gaeltel Solutions

With the widest range of smart energy solutions being offered to UK businesses, plus Electricity, Gas, Water, and Telecoms contracts from 54 different suppliers, potential clients will want to hear from you what benefits Gaeltel can provide.

Our Smart Energy Solutions Portfolio has been very deliberately designed to deliver 3 specific outcomes for the client:

  • Cut CARBON
  • Cut COSTS

Our growing portfolio of Smart Energy Solutions currently includes:

  • Air Source Solutions
  • Battery Storage Solutions
  • Biomass Systems
  • Combined Heat & Power Plants
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Units
  • Factory & Device Monitoring Solutions
  • Ground Source Solutions
  • LED Retrofit
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Solar PV with Solar Power Edge
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Wind Turbines

An impressive range of solutions backed up by a team with decades of energy sector experience and the knowledge to recommend the best solution for each client. This is a sales opportunity where agents can present the sales offer with confidence.

The Target Market

This opportunity offers sales agents a huge target market of businesses that can benefit from an assessment of their premises by the experts at Gaeltel. From retail outlets to the largest of industrial premises, whatever types of businesses are in your contact network, there will be potential Gaetel clients wanting advice on Smart Energy Solutions. 

Our services are offered to business customers of any size: SMEs, independent industrial and commercial premises, large chains, and manufacturers of all types, especially those with specific requirements such as in the food processing sector.

The key contacts within companies that are the decision makers for smart energy provision are: CEO/MD, CFO/FD, Operations Director, Principal/Proprietor.

Examples of current large clients include:

  • the leading fresh salmon supplier to M&S
  • the leading fresh salmon supplier to Waitrose
  • the leading wholesale food and drink supplier to the offshore industry

If you have contacts and customers in the target markets, this will be an ideal opportunity to add a much in-demand service to your sales offers and earn a very rewarding commission for introductions or sales.

Ideal Sales Agent Profile

Sales agents can join Gaeltel as an introducer or a reseller.


Introducers will promote the Gaeltel service to their connections and gain agreement to talk to the Gaeltel team with a view to having a free survey of their premises and a free recommendation of the best Smart Energy Solutions. This is an ideal role for agents already selling to the B2B sector with contacts in the target markets above. Introducers will receive a commission up to 25% of the profit generated by orders as a result of their introductions. Commission can also be earned from sales generated by other agents introduced to Gaeltel.


Resellers will have the knowledge and experience to complete the full sales process themselves, with quotations and contracts drawn up by our in-house team. Commission of up to 50% of the profit in the order is payable.


The commission that can be earned as an introducer or a reseller is substantial, and we are happy to discuss this with potential agents along with all other aspects of the opportunity offered.


We offer agents support which includes:

  • Full training on products, services, sales process, administration, and everything you require to be successful.
  • Marketing materials: the website is currently being updated, and e-brochures will be provided.
  • Full sales support for resellers from senior management to close larger opportunities.

The Ideal Agents

We are looking for sales agents with a network of contacts in the above target markets and the ability to generate new prospects.

With such a wide range of potential clients, it is expected that agents will be comfortable selling to independent business owners and at board level within large organisations.  

Verbal and written communication skills must be at the highest level along with a thorough knowledge of the appropriate steps in an introduction or sales process.

This is an opportunity to earn a lucrative commission as an introducer or reseller. The first step is to use the Apply Button below and send a CV or an overview of your sales experience as an agent, and details of your current sales activity to SalesAgents.uk who will forward your information to Gaeltel.