Company name: SALES AGENTS LTD

Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories

Commission: 5-20 %

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face

Fashion Industry Services – Styling Through to Distribution

Our client is an international company in the fashion industry that provides a comprehensive range of services, including styling, procurement, production design, production, packaging, and distribution.
They are now looking for an experienced UK sales agent to have exclusivity to offer their services to the UK fashion markets.


This is a great opportunity for an experienced sales agent in the UK fashion manufacturing sector to earn commission by offering our client’s services exclusively to customers in the UK.
The selected agent will be able to offer a comprehensive range of services covering all stages of production from the initial styling and design, procurement and production, to packaging to distribution.
Thanks to their cutting-edge equipment and qualified team, our client is a leading company helping all types of fashion brands to design and create part of their collections, produce single products, full lines or complete collections; or to fulfil big, urgent or demanding orders.
Production is very quick and reliable both in creating the initial samples and also producing the final orders. Their cutting-edge equipment and expertise allow them to reach extraordinary levels of production quality.
If you are working in the fashion manufacturing sector and are looking for another service to offer your clients, this would complement your current range and add an additional income stream to your business.

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The target markets are: The clothing sector, fashion industry, fashion brands, garment manufacturing, and customers requiring large ranges or one-off lines.
Send us your details using the button below and include a CV or information on previous sales experience and details of your current sales activity.

Ideal Profile

The ideal sales agent will have a network of contacts and customers in the clothing sector including good quality garment producers and fashion brands for men, women, and children.
The commission on sales ranges from 5% to 20% depending on the quantity and price of the order.
As an exclusive agent in the UK you will receive all leads for the UK generated at fairs and events, and via the website and head office.
You will be provided with models and samples whenever needed.
To be considered for this opportunity with exclusivity in the UK, use the button below and include a CV or information on previous sales experience and details of your current sales activity.