Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Industry: Beauty & Wellness, Business services, Food & Drink, Garden, DIY, Gifts & Crafts, Home supplies / Interior, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Retail & FMCG

Commission: 20% commission paid each month for the life of the advert.

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face

Fantastic Opportunity to Earn Repeat Monthly Commission with Digital Media Advertising

Cross Network Media is looking for sales agents to sell a new digital media advertising concept and for every single sale receive 20% commission each month for the life of the advert, minimum term 6 months with automatic renewal.

Our new concept is a Win – Win - Win for everyone, with an income for the Host screen client, a fantastic opportunity for low cost eye catching digital advertising for local businesses, and a repeating monthly commission for the sales agent.

Potential earnings for sale agents is huge. With a target of just 6 screens with adverts each week, recurring commission earned each week could be up to £3,168.00 in the first year. Hit your target each week and keep adding up to £264 per month commission and your earning potential will far exceed £100,000 per annum.


We are looking for Sales Agents with existing clients and contacts that will want to Host a 32 inch Digital Advertising Screen. Once installed, the Host client will be paid £30 per advert displayed on the screen every 6 months. With up to 12 Adverts displayed that’s incoming revenue of up to £720.00 per annum per screen for the Host. An easy sale!

Each Host will also have the opportunity to promote their own business on the screen free of charge, for example: Bars can show their drink of the Day, Restaurants promote their seasonal specials, Sports Clubs their next match or event, the list of potential Host clients that will benefit is endless. You can see more examples on our web site crossnetworkmedia.org.

A target of 6 screens per week will be set for installation and adverts to then be sold on to each screen.

Typical costs for advertisers are £140.00 per month to advertise on 6 screens. That's a five second advert on a screen locally, appearing approximately EVERY TEN SECONDS during business hours, for a whole month for just £140.00. Another easy sale!

The most common comment from advertisers is "Why are you so cheap" !!!

Typical advertisers are any local businesses targeting customers living, working, or visiting the area: Gardeners, Plumbers, Hotels, Shops, Food outlets, Hairdressers, Taxis, Visitor Attractions, Tour Operators and anyone wanting to get their Business – Products – Services seen by a local audience. The list is of potential advertisers for agents to target is endless.


Host screens can be installed anywhere there is a good footfall of people, which gives sales agents a huge target market and plenty of opportunities to earn ongoing commission payments.

Currently we have screens installed, or in the process of installation, in Cafe's, Take Away outlets, Sports Clubs, Bars, Shops, Hairdressers, Shopping Centres, High rise apartments, Multi- Story Car Parks and more… a limitless list of potential customers.

Screens are totally automated and controlled by our Head Office to turn on and off as agreed with the Host. Adverts can be changed once every month to accommodate special offers and forthcoming events, all free of charge. All of our screens are installed by our qualified electricians and include free additional wiring and a new plug if required for the installation. Typical energy running costs for out AAA rated screens for an 11 hour working day is under £30 per annum.

Do you have clients or contacts in the above target market, add the Cross Network Media Digital Advertising Service to your sales offers and gain this additional income stream by talking to us using the contact button below.

Ideal Profile

Get ready for the easiest sell of your life!
A new concept in local advertising where the Host client and the Advertisers all benefit and you, the Sales Agent, earn a substantial ongoing income.

Ideally, we are looking for sales agents with an established record of sales and an existing client base that can facilitate both installation of Host Screens and advertising.

Selling the screen to the Host could not be easier, a useless piece of wall is instantly turned into an income producing free asset that can also be used to promote their own business free of charge. Why would they say no?

Target for agreements with Hosts clients is 6, yes just 6, screens per week with Adverts sold. Each Host is offered an opportunity to advertise on 5 other local screens at just £23 per screen (£115 per month by DD) so potentially that leaves just 7 adverts to sell to local businesses if the Hosts take up the opportunity to advertise.

With the adverts sold for 6 months at a time and automatically renewing, the income potential for sales agents is HUGE:

6 screens sold with 12 paid adverts = up to £264 commission paid each month for the life of the advert. Potentially, that's £3,168 commission paid in year 1 for eaxh week worked. Continue to install and sell just 6 screens per week and the income potential is MASSIVE.

Act quickly and contact us at Cross Network Media using the contact button below if you are in the Yorkshire / Lancashire / Midlands target sales areas and tell us about your experience and current sales activity.

You can also use the button to register your interest for other areas and be ready for our planned expansion.