E-Transfer Technologies Spain S.L.

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Finance & Insurance

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 30% commission on the first years license fees of 15000 GBP

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

ETT Global provides a software platform that facilitates digital banking, international FX transactions and treasury management. Companies that use our software are able to give their customers a one-stop-shop for all their needs in the cross-border business environment. Dealing with digital currencies, as well as fiat currencies is a must for start-up fintechs these days, and the ability to integrate with digital currency exchanges as well as the banking network makes the product unbeatable.

ETT Global’s main strengths are the knowledge and experience of integrating with dynamic IBAN systems, the SWIFT network, SEPA as well as digital currency exchanges, and the ability to scale the business model without limits using multi-branding and sub-branding, as well as having the solid foundation of a product that is stable and has been developed over 15 years.

Our software is sold all over world in the major financial centers such as London, Hong Kong and Europe.


Our software license product is a complete package for financial institutions to offer online banking facilities for their clients including a customer interface and a back office that can be connected to the banking network. It includes full training and support, and can be customised fully to the client’s requirements. We also offer development packages such as API banking integration. It can also be connected to crypto exchanges to allow for a seamless fiat-crypto banking service. We are also able to issue stablecoins for customers.

London is a major hub for our activity as there are over 20,000 FCA regulated firms who are potential customers, however this is a global product that should be sold internationally as well.


Target market

The main target market is non-banks who want to compete with banks on international transactions, FX and digital currencies. Ideally sold internationally as well as it is a global product.

Examples of client types:

  • FX brokers/dealers
  • Start up banks
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Financial services companies
  • FCA regulated firms

Here are some examples of our clients:

  • www.majestic.eu/about
  • www.ehkonnect.com
  • easternwireshk.com
  • www.collectnpay.com

Ideal Profile

We are looking for people who have the intelligence required to understand our product with some knowledge of Fintech, as well as the communication skills required to articulate our product offering to decision makers.

This will be interesting for candidates because of the generous commissions available on sales of high ticket Fintech products, and the experience they will gain from working in Fintech, which is the most lucrative market at the moment.

There are no limits to how much of this software can be sold as it is highly scalable, and can be sold anywhere in the world. Ideal candidates will also be able to expand their activity internationally once they have a grasp of the product. English is the global language of finance so additional languages are not necessary but are always useful.

Also bearing in mind the global pandemic, there is a huge amount of investment going into Fintech as financial companies are forced to have their operations online, so this is a good time to be in this business. We signed up several new clients during the lock down period.