Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Other

Benefits: Commission-based

Commission: EBM (Entrepreneur business model)

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer)

Energy Storage Solution

ECO-ESS Ltd are determined to procure and sell highly efficient Energy Storage Solution (ESS) in the UK market and in surroundings which would contribute substantial value to the economy and society.

Motto:  Socio Economic Benefit to Save energy, Save Nature, Save Humankind, Save Earth & Go-green


1-    ESS (Energy Storage Solution) produce a high-density Lithium-Ion battery (Lithium Titanate (Li2TiO3) — LTO) for Electric Vehicles, Utility-scale generation and microgrids, commercial & industrial battery system for residential and commercial buildings.

Business Aim:

A-   Innovative ESS by LTO Battery can be customized for point to point variable strength and storage. Eco-ESS will deliver high-density Lithium-Ion batteries (Lithium Titanate (Li2TiO3) — LTO will be for Solar Installation, Wind Bases, Telecommunications, residential, commercial buildings, electric vehicles, utility-scale generation and microgrids, Fork Lifts, Club cars etc that safely store energy while delivering incredible performance.

B-    To contribute to the economy by saving energy, creating job opportunities, extending comfort for nation & consumers with affordable priced ‘green commodities.’

Long Term:

By assembling ESS locally i.e. within UK is to exhibit & pitch the movement for Energy Saving, Go-green, Eco-friendly, Environment Friendly and Green Technology commodities which would be re-exported to other EU countries.


Hybrid Inverter (Low Voltage Battery) for Solar system is available for immediate production and supply.

Pls. refer website ;

Below capacity ESS have been finalized; Products List is for UK market has been published on ECO ESS Ltd website.

 Tentative prices received but test reports are in discussion.

  • Household ESS from 5KW/h to 10KW/h
  • 50AhUPS & start battery, 100AhUPS & start battery.
  • 35Ah and 45Ah telecom Station module
  • Intelligence Charging ESS, Punch module etc
  • For forklift 4P11S / 12P20S/4P12S
  • For Robot ESS
  • 1MWh Container
  • 3 Manual based test to be initiated by supplier.
  • Products certificates / compatibility are in discussion for our internal record.
  • Test certificates to be applied once 38.3 test is over.

ESS battery features:

1.     LTO is an amazingly innovative element and will provide market leading ESS and batteries for UK market – long lasting up to 30 years life and quick chargeable – saving energy and time and both are costly.

2.     Socio & economical support by ECO ESS & bespoke batteries that can be the greater energy saver contributor.

3.     Highly efficient ESS, provide one small grid station free of cost in 3 Years plus

4.     Patented, High Efficiency LTO Battery Technology

5.     Non-Explosive, Fireproof

6.     Performance in a wide temperature range of -30 to 60 Deg. Centigrade

7.     Fast charge capabilities

8.     Warranty of 5 years

9.     30 Years’ service life

10.  World renowned clients such as Bombardier, Ford, BAE Systems, China State Grid Corporation etc.

11.  Only viable ESS solution for sub-zero conditions

The producer and supplier for the sustainable battery, LTO battery, with the characters of, fast charge in 6mins, wide temperature range ( -50℃~ 60℃), 30 years’ service life, no fire, no explosion, high security and high efficiency etc. LTO battery has been widely used in new energy vehicles and energy storage fields of communication station, grid frequency modulation, household, industry, rail transportation, military etc., and has broad market prospects and application value.


Target market

ECO ESS are clear in their target segment / market and intend to sell it through online marketplaces. We are looking for strong partner or distributors and wholesalers dealing with Energy Back up, Solar System, Renewable Energy Cos., consumer electronics products. With their well-structured planning and a thorough market research, ECO ESS have identified potential for fast moving products which should lead to mass job creation and growth into the national and international markets. ECO ESS will import and provide direct retail, online and offline, through various distribution models for business, with the aim of achieving quicker growth.

LTO battery would be offered/sold to use in electric vehicles and energy storage at communication stations, grid frequency modulation, households, industry, rail transportation, and in medical & military mobile equipment’s. It has broad market prospects and application values.

Energy Storage Solution for Residential, Commercial Buildings, Electric Vehicles, Utility-scale generation and microgrids.

Typical customers are :

Solar PV System Co.

Residential & Commercial Buildings.

EV operators & suppliers.

Energy backup suppliers.

E-mobility (Rail, Cars & Bikes manufacturer).

Energy Storage providers.

Charging infrastructure.

Wind and fuel energy producers.

Existing households.

New residential & commercial projects.

Corporate clients.



Real Estates.

Traditional dealers & Retailers.

Electronics (CE) Shops.

Households entities.

(Govt & Pvt Sectors).

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Ideal Profile

  1. Future is Renewable Energy and next 3 decades will be revolutionary in terms of sustainable resources for energy production and for Electric Vehicles. 

Applicant/s should be expert in Energy Storage Products, Hybrid Inverter for Solar and UPS.

ESS (Energy Storage Solution) products are high-density Lithium-Ion batteries for Solar System, Wind Energy bases, Electric Vehicles, Utility-scale generation, Microgrid stations, Telecommunication bases, forklifts, club cars, Rail, Army installations, commercial & industrial Storage, Or battery / back up system for residential and commercial buildings etc.

He Or She should work on profit sharing basis like as entrepreneur. Basic function is sales and revenue generation, should have enormous experience in the same filed, good communication and customer caring skills, highly passionate, motivated, energetic and must be able to make quotes, get appointment and target specific clients who are ESS, Hybrid Inverter and UPS buyers and Solar installers.

EBM (Entrepreneur business model)

He / She must have car initially with UK full driving license.  Profit sharing 50-50 after taxes and fixed cost.

Kindly refer our website where all possible products are in with specs and pictures.

Apply to ECO ESS Ltd today