eCommerce Agency Sales (Lead gen AND Telesales, including closing). Base & Commission | Sales Agents UK

The Alternative Agency

eCommerce Agency Sales (Lead gen AND Telesales, including closing). Base & Commission

The Alternative Agency

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Retail & FMCG

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Professional training and support offered | Exclusive sales areas

Commission: Base rate TBD and 10% of initial sale (£250 to £350 commission per sale average)

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

The Alternative Agency ( is a UK based eCommerce growth agency. We’re a UK based 100% remote agency is looking for someone to join the team to handle a mix of lead-gen, relationship building, and sales/closing (yes, it will include telesales, but with emphasis on TARGETED work).

We’re a UK based digital agency focusing on eCommerce clients specifically. More than that, though, we narrow this down further by focussing on ethical, sustainable, eco and similar brands as a priority (we will work with other brands, but out focus is in these areas).

A strong focus initially will be selling-in eCommerce marketing automation services.

NOTE: Work will start slowly and build as we grow. Once the first few leads become clients, your hours will grow.

We have 1 or 2 leads only, but have various marketing materials you can use as part of your ‘door opener’ work:

– A survey of UK eCommerce marketing used by UK ecom sites (a PDF report from a bespoke survey we carried out – gated behind a landing page but you can use as a door-opener by calling and/or linkedin messaging people & providing it to them without opt-in if you prefer that approach)

– A ‘ecom marketing grader’ – A simple tool that people can use to ‘grade’ their ecommerce marketing efforts

The above are the 2 primary assets that you can use – the grader is a good one, as it gives the user a score for their com marketing efforts and compares this to the average score of all who took the grader – helping you to identify their weak areas (and so areas we can ‘sell-in’ to).


We will need the right person to watch several short training videos. These are Hubspot training videos that train you how to sell using a style similar to the ‘challenger’ sales approach. Basically the ideal flow for calls with a prospect is:

— Connect call (15 to 20mins call to qualify the lead in or out) (goal= book a follow-up discovery call)

— Discovery call (45mins to 1hr) – Here you spend the time mainly identifying their needs and realy highlighting the pain-points, what they are missing, the pains for missing that etc. (goal – book a solutions call).

After the discovery call you’ll chat to our team about the prospect’s needs, and they will create a proposal.

— Solutions call – The final call (hopefully!) where you go over the deck (provided by our team based on the needs identified by you in the discovery call). Here you will:

1) Go over their needs & pains again in summary

2) Explain the risks of not solving these needs again

3) Walk them though our short pitch deck

4) Try to get a close on the call.


* You will work with our team via Slack & Zoom

* We’re 100% remote

* You’ll have a calendarly link and will be responsible for entering in the hours you’re available for sales calls, so people can book a call with you as/when needed.


eCommerce marketing automation (abandoned cart flows, abandoned browse flows, retargeting flows, post purchase flows, review request flows, etc etc.In addition, CRO is another service we sell.We also handle FB ads for eCommerce, which fits nicely with the marketing automation flows & CRO.SEO & eCommerce web development are other services we provide, but the above 3 services are key. As you can see, there’s lots of scope for up-sells & cross-sells.



  • Innovative product / service

    We have a specific focus on eCommerce marketing... and are keen to push hard on eCommerce marketing automation (using tools to automate email marketing like abandoned cart flows & more)

  • Professional training and support offered

    We have several training videos for you to watch. This gives you excellent training & insights into selling digital products & will stand you in good stead for this work, and for similar work in your future too!

  • Exclusive sales areas

    We will give you exclusivity... add leads to our CRM and they are yours. Import a hundred or so and same - They're yours (so long as you start to contact them, of course If you let them go stale, they'll get assigned to someone else rather than being wasted). Average deals size will be £2500 to 3500 PER MONTH in deal size, commissions are negotiable.

Target market

eCommerce sites based ideally in the UK.We also like to focus primarily on sustainable, eco, and ethical ecommerce brands. That said, any decent size ecom site is a target, so long as they are not an unethical brand. We can provide guidance on this.To go with our ethos, The Alternative Agency’s own server is hosted on entirely renewable energy.

Ideal Profile

You should have excellent sales experience and be willing to be trained in specific sale s techniques via vide, as explained in the job listing. This is for guidance but once running, you can handle the relationships slightly differently, we’re not TOO rigid. However we’d likely you to follow the process initially (connect call, discovery call, solutions/sales call).

This is similar to the ‘challenger’ sale approach, identifying the needs & pain points, highlighting them, reiterating them, and then explaining how our solutions can solve their needs.

Practically-wise it will be a combination of:

  • Lead-gen (finding your own leads based on our criteria)
  • Servicing inbound leads (in our CRM)
  • LinkedIn outreach & follow-up (e.g. contact people offering out PDF or marketing grader tool & follow-up)
  • Telesales (similar to the above but via the phone)

Essentially this is just relationship building and selling.Commission is negotiable.