Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Other

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Exclusive sales areas | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 300 pounds

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

We are a short-course education company teaching students the necessary skills to become software engineers in under six months of part-time learning around their work commitments.

We are about to start our next cohort and are looking to sign up more students.



We sell a 6-month part-time software development course that equips our students with the skills to get a junior developer role after completing it.

The benefits of the course are the following:

At 3000 pounds per person, a place on the course costs an average of 4000 pounds less than the next coding course.

We have a great teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7.

We actively look for hiring partners post-course and do everything possible to equip our students for a career in tech.



  • Innovative product / service

    Please see above - we are selling a product that circumvents the need for a costly and time-taxing education.

  • Excellent commission terms

    300 pounds commission on a very popular and sellable product.

  • Exclusive sales areas

    We allocate exclusive and preferential sales areas based on performance.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    We do not have targets or quotas as the offer speaks for itself.

Target market

We are looking for typically young professionals looking to switch careers or those coming out of formal education.

They may be working full-time and do not have the time or money to retrain over 3 years with a computer science degree.

They will be attracted to the lower price point and more flexible time commitment.

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Ideal Profile

This is an great opportunity for those in the right niche. If you are a recruiter for instance and you have clients that need upskilling before they can gain employment, this is for you.

If you have a pool of leads looking to upskill quickly and find a better-paying job, then this would also be perfect.

It is a very easy sale due to the attractiveness of the offer: A comprehensive education in software education at a fraction of the cost and time of the traditional model.

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