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Digital Information Publishing

Location: London / South East

Target Markets: Software & Applications

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Recurring commission | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 20% of £14.99 per month : £2.99 per month

Digital Information Publishing is a Digital marketing service company which focuses on providing a wide range of professional digital marketing service, in its area of core competence such as blog for marketing, selling, products, services, pages, blogs online and creating their own search engine to drive traffic to their customer’s website. Digital Information Publishing is in the business of providing search facilities for products, businesses and services that are available in particular locations.


DIP is aiming towards providing a platform whereby user experience is catered for. DIP will create a unique and innovative search engine and a blogging platform, which will optimise its Customer’s website through the use of backlinks on the platform. DIP Platform will make their Customer’s website organically move up the listing rankings on Google and gain more exposure and prospect clients. DIP’s platform is constantly gaining new traffic while still in the development phase and DIP believes in providing transparent results to its customers, hence the web analytics page is provided for such purposes.


  • Innovative product / service

    With respect to the obvious competition, some of the top competitors for our service or platform are search engines, blogs, SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing platforms around our location and online. We realized that most of our competitors are already known within this market but with aggressive marketing drive and competitive pricing model we would compete with them for a fair share of the Digital marketing services in the U.K and beyond. We have the competitive advantage of having a digital platform that was created over the course of research with classic but simple and easy to navigate user interface. With a well-defined goal and diverse traffic and leads sources and better price, Digital Information Publishing stands a higher ground with the operational blue print put in place by the founder. The sustainable competitive advantages that Digital Information Publishing commands include: • Creation of a unique and innovative search engine and digital marketing platforms will differentiate us from our competitors. Our search engines and blog will stand out from others because of the unique design and features. • Service quality. Not only great traffic generations but great service and seamless leads and customer acquisitions at fair charges. • The platform will appeal to a wide and varied clientele. • 100% customer satisfaction measured through repeat customers, referrals and surveys. • Adapting to changes in digital marketing and advertising industry.

  • Recurring commission

    20% of £14.99 per month : £2.99 per month

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Yes no fixed time to work ideally more sales the agent makes more money they make.

Target market

Based on my experience and the industry knowledge of the business , Digital Information Publishing targets to serve corporate institutions, as well as SMEs on a monthly subscription basis.

United Kingdom, being the top spot as a centre for finance and having a reputation in multimedia development and design, makes it a perfect venue for Digital Information Publishing.

Focus on target markets

Digital Information Publishing will need to focus its offerings on clients who are willing to subscribe to our platform for a fee and in turn use the service they enjoined to digitally market their businesses and make better profits through an aggressive digital campaign that would expose their brands and product to a large audience.

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Ideal Profile

Consumers face greatest challenges of getting the best service possible information regarding businesses offering their desired products or services.  They hardly have access to resources with comprehensive information that could allow them to look at various options available to them to make an informed choice about services or products they intend to buy at their point and time of need. Often times they travel far distances to purchase or product or  service that is not offered around them or at a rate that is quite beyond their reach and yet they might have no other option to that service providers at such far location because they don’t know other brands offering such products or service close to them.

Digital Information Publishing is a Sole Trader company based in Surrey, United Kingdom. The company has developed Digital marketing web platform where businesses can be promoted and listed on blog or search engines to create enough traffic to website and generate income.

The website will also be used by the companies to promote its financial trading products, e-books, websites home, books, appliances, digital products, clothes and apparels. The basic reason for this platform is thus to connect both the consumers with businesses through searches based on many filterable like products, services, location etc.


Fascinated by game changing ways by which service providers and users are linked up and as we want to do everything we can to help people who are trying hard to offer small businesses great exposure through digital marketing.  We have created platform to bridge the service gap in web application adoption for targeted marketing for businesses and global and localized searching for consumers.


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